Wooyoung is a singer signed to JYP Entertainment and is a member of the legendary beast idol group, 2PM.  At a young age he had always wanted to be a singer, but had trouble perusing it since he father was against it.  He continued to attend dance classes (unbeknownst to his father) all the while maintain good grades in school.  For a series of three years Wooyoung wrote three letters a month to his dad in order to persuade him to allow him to become a singer, and it eventually paid off when he did.  He finally debuted in 2008 with the rest of the 2PM members and has since gained a large fan base through their music and also acting as Jason in the popular dramaDream High“.  In 2012, Wooyoung released his first solo album23, Male, Single and gained a large amount of attention from it’s catchy beat and creative choreography.


Cover Art
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