VIXX Discography/Lyrics


Super Hero
1. Super Hero
2. Starlight
3. Super Hero (Instrumental)

Rock Ur Body
1. Rock Ur Body
3. Rock Ur Body (Instrumental)


On and On
1. On and On
2. I Dont Want To Be an Idol
3. On and On (Instrumental)

1. Light Up the Darkness
2. hyde
3. Stop Resisting (ft. MinAh of Girls Day)
4. Chaos
5. Love Letter
6. hyde (Instrumental)

Jekyll       NOTE: New Tracks Only!
1. Jekyll
2. G.R.8.U
3. What to Do

1. Voodoo
2. Voodoo Doll
3. Beautiful Killer
4. Someday
5. Only U
6. B.O.D.Y
7. Secret Night
8. Say U Say Me
9. From Now On, Youre Mine
10. Thank You for Being Born
11Super Hero
12Rock Ur Body
13On and On
15. Voodoo Doll (Instrumental)


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