UKISS is a six member boy group signed to NH media.  The group debuted in 2008 with their single Not Young“, but did not obtain much success until 2009 with Am I That Easy?”  Since their debut, UKISS has added three members and lost three and have obtained much success through their albums and TV appearances.  Though they have not won a #1 award yet, UKISS is still considered one of the top and most popular idol groups in KPOP.  Their name stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star‘.

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13 thoughts on “UKISS

  1. hello there. can i request for the rest of the songs in Neverland album to be color coded. you dont have to do all of them at the same can do one song each day.
    thank you soo much i know you are also busy with other things.

  2. HELLO!!! please do Obession’s lyric…
    because its like my obession right now 🙂
    thank you soo soo much for your hardworks

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