Even if everything is thrown away, I will go till the end. And I can’t turn back like before. My exhausted soul won’t ever stop trying. I will show you everything in a more unstoppable way ↑Weekly Review #52>>

Sorry for the small amount of lyrics this week. I got really sick and didn’t have the energy to work on the site.

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Last Week’s PollEXO is FINALLY making a comeback this autumn. From their teaser tracks, which song are you hoping will make it on the tracklist?
My Lady – 63Vote(s)
Time Control – 26 Vote(s)
Metal – 5 Vote(s)
Lightsaber – 6Vote(s)
Run & Gun – 10 Vote(s)
Black Pearl –  18Vote(s)
Into Your World – 17 Vote(s)
Phoenix – 14 Vote(s)
Let Out The Beast – 32 Vote(s)
Emergency – 3 Vote(s)
Beautiful – 20 Vote(s)
El Dorado – 18 Vote(s)
Baby Don’t Cry – 145 Vote(s)

This Week’s PollDo you think taking EunJung out of “Five Fingers” was going too far?

Funny of the Week : Found this hilarious conversation between the SHINee members on tumblr. Does anyone know where this is from?

Minho: What would the opposite of: “Children in the dark make mistakes” be? 
Onew: “Mistakes in the dark make children.” 
Minho: Get out.

Listening to : Avril Lavigne-Anything But Ordinary
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There are a lot pretty girls, a lot of cute ones too. There were a lot of girls who looked at me with innocent eyes, but this is the first time I’m getting this Sexy feeling.That makes me not be able to do anything.I don’t know what it is but this feeling is amazing.Something’s different about you, you drive me crazy. -&Weekly Review #46[]

NEW Lyrics
2NE1-I Love You
2PM-Crazy In Love
2PM-100th Day Anniversary
2PM-Don’t You Know
2PM-Gimme The Light
After School-Broken Heart (JungAh, Raina, Nana, and E-Young)
B.A.P-What The Hell (Corrections)
LEDApple-Time is Up
MYNAME-Hello & Goodbye
One Day (2AM & 2PM)-One Day
Super Junior-Sexy, Free & Single
Super Junior-Gulliver
Super Junior-From U
Super Junior-Now
Super Junior-Rockstar
Super Junior-Someday
T-ARA-Day by Day
T-ARA-Don’t Leave
Wonder Girls-Like Money (ft. Akon)
Wooyoung (2PM)-Sexy Lady
ZE:A-Body to Body

Artist Pages
Wooyoung Artist Page

Last Week’s PollWho is your favorite Super Junior member?
Siwon – 88 Vote(s)
Heechul – 91 Vote(s)
Sungmin – 71 Vote(s)
Ryeowook – 86 Vote(s)
KangIn – 22 Vote(s)
Donghae – 97 Vote(s)
Leeteuk – 103 Vote(s)
Eunhyuk – 158 Vote(s)
Shindong – 17 Vote(s)
Yesung – 112 Vote(s)
Kyuhyun – 170 Vote(s)
Kibum – 24 Vote(s)
HanGeng – 19 Vote(s)
Zhou Mi – 17 Vote(s)
Henry – 57 Vote(s)

This Week’s PollThere has been an AVALACHE of comebacks/solo debuts in the past couple of weeks. Which one’s your favorite?

Funny of the Week : In honor of SJ’s Heechul’s birthday, here’s Cinderella himself showing us how to serve in the Korean military…like a boss.

Credit to heepnotic

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I just endlessly cry, I just endlessly get sad.Every day after you left, I hate this pain of being left alone.I just keep endlessly crying, I keep endlessly getting sad.Every day after I loved you, I can’t sleep because of this terrible Aftermath. (ZE:A-Aftermath)

The Children of the Empire (or ZE:A) have returned! The nine boys of this popular group have recently released their second full length album “Spectacular” and are promoting their single, “Aftermath”, which is about a man dealing with the after effects of breaking up with his girlfriend.

Though the boys have some tough competition, what with Super Junior, 2NE1, Jo Kwon, and SISTAR making their comebacks, the boys say they are confident and wanted to release the album and meet their fans again after a long period of time.