Still hating you, who has let me go. My frigidly cooled heart is still. Missing You, Missing You, Missing You, Missing you, Missing You (2NE1-Missing You)

Color Coded Lyrics for 2NE1’sMissing You“.


The moment I first saw you, my heart was already K.O. No matter how hot someone is, if they want me, I say no. You’re the key to my heart. I only open to you. This is my last love. Don’t leave me (2NE1-Do You Love Me?)

So far so good BlackJacks! It looks likes YG kept his word, and 2NE1 has made another comeback for the 2nd time this year with their new single “Do You Love Me”.

2NE1 are expected to release 2 more singles until October, where the will release either a mini album or a full album.

Color Coded Lyrics for 2NE1’sDo You Love Me?

I’m a diamond in the rough, I’m your bride I’m going to make you mine, that’s what a queen do. Yeah In the Club it’s getting Ugly, I Don’t Care. Can’t Nobody stop the Fire let them haters sit n stare.

Prepare yourself BlackJacks! Your YG ladies has finally made their 2013 comeback with their new singleFalling In Love“.

And it seems like these girls are not done yet! From this point forward the girls will release a single every month until October where they will release an album!….Hopefully….. -_-‘

Color Coded Lyrics for 2NE1sFalling In Love“.

You look like you’d suit me, but you’re like uncomfortable heels. You don’t fit me. S-T-Y-L-E I’ll live however I want, leave (RaNia-Style)

The girls of RaNia are back! This time with a few changes.  Not only are the girls promoting with five instead of seven girls (Though Joy is still a member, she is currently on leave due to personal reasons), their new single “Style” was created by YG Entertainment and lyrics were written by Tablo!

Color Coded Lyrics for RaNia’sStyle

Just be good to me.Only laugh for me.I said Oou~Don’t make me jealous.Oou~Don’t make me obsessed.I’m still afraid of love.Give me your trust.I said Oou~Don’t make me jealous.Oou~Don’t make me obsessed.

I am SOO pleased to announce that everyone’s favorite YG girls are BACK! 2NE1 has made their Korean comeback after promoting in Japan.  Unlike their previous singles such as “Go Away”, “Hate You”, “and “I Don’t Care”, the girls have returned with an track titled “I Love You” which tells about a girl going through the motions of falling in love (Or as I would like to say: She’s twitterpated)

Unfortunately despite what most people assumed, YG did not release the MV at midnight, but instead a teaser (Papa YG just went to a WHOLE ‘nother level of trolling) So be sure to keep an eye out for the full MV…whenever it’s released…

Also if you didnt hear already, 2NE1 will be making their first world tour (not to mention they will be the first Korean girl group to do so). So be sure to check out if they’re playing near you on their official facebook page.

Color Coded Lyrics for 2NE1’sI Love You“.

Wonder-BANG! (BIGBANG’s “Monster” and Wonder Girl’s “Like This”)

With all the comebacks scheduled, June is definitely a month KPOP fans have been greatly anticpating.  And what better way to start the month off is the comebacks of two of the biggest names in KPOP: BIGBANG and the Wonder Girls!


With the release of their “Still Alive: Special Edition” album, BIGBANG is back with new tracks including the much anticipated “Monster”.  The MV takes place in an destroyed building where the boys are shown as “monster” like creatures. It’s hard to stop watching the incredibly detailed and exciting MV thats full of explosions, eye’s that change color, and outfits that will remind you of the famous horror films (ie TaeYang=Edward Scissorhands).

Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’sMonster
Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’s “Still Alive
Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’sRound and Round
Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’s “Feeling {Korean Version}
Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’s Ego {Korean Version}

Wonder Girls-Like This

If this isn’t a track to start off the summer, then I don’t know what is.  “Like This” is a dance track that will make even elderly people want to groove to the beat (No seriously, it will. Just look at 0:33). The choreography isn’t incredibly difficult but incredibly creative,  which is the beauty of the song.  The MV takes place at a mall where the Wonder Girls perform a flash mob and gets everyone to dance with them.  It is said to feature over 300 people who volunteered to be in the MV and dance with the Wonder Girls.

Color Coded Lyrics for the Wonder Girl’sLike This

KARA-Speed Up/BIGBANG-ALIVE Color Coded Lyrics

Even after dominating the Japanese music charts with their “Super Girl” album, KARA’s still not done with their Japanese promotions.  They have recently released two MV’s for their singles “Speed Up” and “Girl’s Power”
First up is “Speed Up” (Girl’s Power” will be up shortly)

Speed Up” takes on a more tough and sexier image compared to some of KARA’s previous singles.  It has already gained attention from several KPOP/JPOP fans everywhere.

Color Coded Lyrics for KARA’s Speed Up

BIGBANG has finally released their long-awaited 5th mini album “Alive”, and is conquering music charts across the globe.  They have recently released their second MV for their single “Bad Boy.”

“Bad Boy” not your favorite song on the new album? Don’t worry! BIGBANG will be promoting ALL of the tracks on “Alive” so get excited to see your favorite single performed LIVE on Korean music shows.

Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’s…

Love Dust
Bad Boy
Ain’t No Fun
Fantastic Baby