The world is surprised, we’re a bit different. Keep looking up, we’ll show you. We got flow. Be honest boy. We can glow like pearls. We bout to get it on! (EvoL-We’re A Bit Different)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that the most anticipated girl group of 2012 has FINALLY debuted! Brand New Stardom, home of Block B, has picked the most talented female trainee of BNS and created the group Effective Voice Of Ladies, or EvoL. Today they released their first mini album as well as their debut MV for “We’re A Bit Different”.

The members themselves had a hand at producing the tracks for the album, and is full of wonderful singles and creative lyrics that Brand New Stardom is known for. I, myself, am giddy beyond belief and CANNOT wait for what else this group has in store for the future!

Color Coded Lyrics for EvoL’sWe’re A Bit Different“.