I hold onto you, who has turned away For the first time, I cry, beg and yell in front of you like a crazy person.(If you leave me like this) Will you really be happy? (Like this) If you leave me and are happy, then I will let you go ~~Weekly Review #49—

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BEAST/B2ST-It’s Not Me
BTOB-Irresistible Lips
Hello Venus-Like A Wave
NU’EST-Not Over You

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Last Week’s Poll : Who is your favorite 2012 debuted girl group?
She’z – 20 Vote(s)

TAHITI – 7 Vote(s)
Spica – 127 Vote(s)
Gangkiz – 24Vote(s)
GLAM – 27 Vote(s)
EvoL – 51 Vote(s)
Crayon Pop – 12 Vote(s)
Hello Venus – 236 Vote(s)
EXID – 34 Vote(s)
Six Bomb – 3 Vote(s)

This Week’s Poll : What do you think of the T-ARA bulleying controvesy and Hwayoung getting pulled out of the group?

Funny of the Week :  For those of you who HAVEN’T seen the first episode of B1A4’s Hello Baby, here’s is a clip of, in my opinion, the best part of the episode.  One of the babies, EunSol, who has been tight lipped most of the time, opens up to Sandeul.  This is the most she talks in the entire episode, and her personality as well as Sandeul’s ability to get down on a childs level will absolutely melt your heart.

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Did you think I was going to shed tears? Did you think I was going to cling onto you? Dream on. This is really the end. All of the things you did without me knowing have been caught. Thanks to you, I have matured a bit. I am so damn thankful (TAHITI-Tonight)

After months of teasers, a reality show, and modeling, TAHITI has finally debuted! The girl’s new track, “Tonight”, is created by Ryan Jhun along with famous KPOP coverer and producer JD Relic.  The two have created major hits like UKISS’s “NEVERLAND” and “Tick Tack”, Baek Ji Young’s “Bad Girl”, and even Spica’s “Up and Down”.

Color Coded Lyrics for TAHITI’s “Tonight