Oh god, look at those girls, I secretly go closer and steal glances at you. Nice body line, oh hot hot It’s only the beginning so where are you going? Don’t give any more excuses. Don’t look at other guys, don’t look at other guys, AM PM, don’t look at the clock. (TASTY-MAMAMA)

Color Coded Lyrics for Tasty’sMAMAMA“.


I just endlessly cry, I just endlessly get sad.Every day after you left, I hate this pain of being left alone.I just keep endlessly crying, I keep endlessly getting sad.Every day after I loved you, I can’t sleep because of this terrible Aftermath. (ZE:A-Aftermath)

The Children of the Empire (or ZE:A) have returned! The nine boys of this popular group have recently released their second full length album “Spectacular” and are promoting their single, “Aftermath”, which is about a man dealing with the after effects of breaking up with his girlfriend.

Though the boys have some tough competition, what with Super Junior, 2NE1, Jo Kwon, and SISTAR making their comebacks, the boys say they are confident and wanted to release the album and meet their fans again after a long period of time.