A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays.A girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes.A girl who covers herself but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all.A sensable girl like that =Weekly Review #47->

NEW Lyrics
A Pink-BuBiBu
Brown Eyed Girls-A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Dalmatian-Lover Cop
GD&TOP-Oh Yeah (ft. Bom)
PSY-Gangnam Style

Artist Page

Members & Profiles
CN Blue

Last Week’s PollThere has been an AVALACHE of comebacks/solo debuts in the past couple of weeks. Which one’s your favorite?
2NE1 – I Love You – 152 Vote(s)
After School – Flashback – 55 Vote(s)
JoKwon (2AM) – I’m Da One/Animal – 15 Vote(s)
SISTAR – Loving U – 69 Vote(s)
Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single – 237 Vote(s)
T-ARA – Day by Day – 136 Vote(s)
Wooyoung (2PM) – Sexy Lady – 40 Vote(s)
ZE:A – Aftermath – 58 Vote(s)

This Week’s PollWhich KPOP MV do you think is the most random/quirky/hilarious?

Funny Of The Week : OK, this needs to be the done because anything else doesn’t hold a candle compared to this masterpiece.
If you haven’t, for some odd reason, watched PSY’s MV for “Gangnam Style” here’s your chance! It will NOT disappoint you! It is the most epic MV EVER seen! I cannot stop watching!

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I’m sick of knowing all the similar things.I want to learn about more things.I want to leave all the thoughts and emotions up to me.I want to show that my life is my own |Weekly Review #42-

NEW Lyrics
BIGBANG-Let Me Hear Your Voice
Block B-Did You Or Did You Not
Block B-I Go Crazy/NanrinA
Block B-Synchronization 100%
INFINITE-BTD (Before The Dawn) {Japanese Version}
Miryo-I Love You, I Love You (ft. Sunny of SNSD)
Miryo-Leggo (ft. Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls)
Miryo-Party Rock
Miryo-Revenger (ft. Rude Paper)

EXO Artist Page
Miryo Artist Page

Last Week’s Poll : Which Girl Group Do You Think Will Make It In the USA?
2NE1 – 440 Vote(s)
Girl’s Generation/SNSD – 289 Vote(s)
Wonder Girls – 104 Vote(s)

This Weeks’ Poll : Which entertainment agency is the WORST when it comes to taking care and being fair to their idols?

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : What do you think about Idols getting plastic surgery?
It’s fine isn’t it? It’s their body they can do whatever they want.Not a big deal. – 220 Vote(s)
It’s not necessary at all! They are beautiful the way they are/were and they shouldn’t change anything about their body. – 246 Vote(s)

This Week’s Mini-Poll : Which World Tour are you most excited for?

Funny of the Week : B.A.P’s YoungJae getting picked on during the dance tutorial in “Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P!”

Credit to Kitty-Kwon on tumblr for the GIFs

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You’re dirty, you’re dirty.Why are you playing with a person’s heart?I don’t want to care from now on.A person like you is typical.You’re Dirty,Dirty.You’re Dirty,Dirty(Miryo solo album!)

The beloved sassy rapper of Brown Eyed Girls has finally released her long-awaited solo album “MIRYO aka JOHONEY”.

The album may be short, but that in no way means it’s any less remarkable.  The album not only showcases Miryo’s rapping skills but also features many renowned artist in KPOP such as Sunny from SNSD, Narsha from B.E.G, and even Gary for LeeSsang.

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics for:
Party Rock (ft. Gary from LeeSang and THE KOXX)
I Love You, I Love You (ft. Sunny from SNSD)
Revenger (ft. Rude Paper)
Leggo (ft. Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls)

I can’t bear it anymore.Do you wanna see me go crazy?@Weekly Review #34\

NEW Songs
Alexander-I Just
Blady-Crazy Day
Boyfriend-I’ll Be There
Brown Eyed Girls-Hypnosis
F1RST-Ma Ma My
IU-The Sleeping Forest Prince (ft. YoonSang)
IU-Star Seeking Child
IU-Wallpaper Designs
Jay Park-Girlfriend
MBLAQ-White Forever
SHINee-Always Love
SHINee-To Your Heart
Starship Planet-Pink Romance
UKISS-Obsession (AJ & Kiseop)
UKISS-Tick Tack
Wonder Girls-Stop!
X-5-Do You Want To See Me Go Cazy?

F1RST Artist Page
Blady Artist Page

English Lyrics
Jay Park-Girlfriend
LEDApple-Boy Meets Girl / Ran Into You By Chance

Perfume-Lazer Beam

Last Week’s Poll : Which is your favorite duo group/sub unit?
Bang & Zelo – 69 Vote(s)
Dana and Sunday (The Grace) – 7 Vote(s)
Davichi – 72 Vote(s)
Elizabeth – 1 Vote(s)
Geeks – 2 Vote(s)
GD&TOP – 164 Vote(s)
LeeSeung – 5 Vote(s)
SISTAR19 – 81 Vote(s)
Trouble Maker – 156 Vote(s)
TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) – 102 Vote(s)

This Weeks’ Poll : Who do you think is the King/Queen of the high notes?

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : Did you think that the “Trouble Maker” MV was too sensual?
Yeah it was over the top. Some of those dance moves are REALLY unnecessary – 151 Vote(s)
Nope! Hot and sexy. Just how I like it! – 170 Vote(s)
i don’t like it over all=.=”!
Nope, it really fits the image of the character being portrayed in the song.
It’s not that bad but live they looked so uncomfortable.
is just a video, that dance moves doesn’t mean anything.
its too naughty! its not like that! it has kissing scene!
i dont really care because HS did it with Hyuna.
…Eh. Just a LITTLE too sexy…
Disgusting. Absolutely revolting. Hyunseung’s mine. Hyuna… srfkjadkgvkjbd.
it’s okay
it was pretty good!
It’s acceptable
no comment 🙂    <—-(Me: LAWL!)

This Week’s Mini-Poll : Which SNSD album do you think is better?

Funny of the Week = MBLAQ’s Thunder’s INSAINE laughing on episode 10 of Sesame Player.  His laughter pretty much made this episode.

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Pop! Pop! This feeling that I want to share with you is more than emotion. Better than the love motion¤<Weekly Review #23/]

*NEW* Song Lyrics
BEAST/B2ST-I Like You the Best
Brown Eyed Girls- Sixth Sense
JYJ-Be My Girl
JYJ-Get Out
Super Junior-A-Cha

Last Week’s Poll : Whats your favorite track on the new JYJ album?
Get Out – 21 Vote(s)
In Heaven – 32 Vote(s)
Fallen Leaves – 2 Vote(s)
The Boy’s Letters – 2 Vote(s)
Mission – 1 Vote(s)
I.D.S (I Deal Scenario) – 3 Vote(s)
Pierrot – 2Vote(s)
You’re – 6 Vote(s)
Nine – 2 Vote(s)

This Week’s Poll : Which is your favorite “We Got Married” couple?
(NOTE: That last couple, if you haven’t seen INFINITE Sesame Player then you probably don’t understand.)

Last Week’s Mini Poll : Are you upset that UKISS hasn’t won a number one song award for “NEVERLAND” yet?
Yes! ERRRG!! They should have won already! They totally deserve it! – 68 Vote(s)
Meh..Not really. There are other more deserving artist that should win the award – 12 Vote(s)
(Other Comments) I don’t listen to U-Kiss that much
(Other Comments) I think they deserve to win…but I don’t really care either way…so yeah…
(Other Comments) “Someday” could be

This Week’s Mini Poll : So what about you? Can you “Keep the Faith”?

And now for the funny of the week. In honor of becoming an INFINITE fan, its fitting that this weeks funny includes them, no? Its Sungyeol, and yes thats himself hes kissing. LOL

Also, here are some screen shots of B.E.G’s “Sixth Sense” MV.  Enjoy Narsha in all her caty..ness?

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