A black shadow awakens in me. Fireworks erupt in my eyes that see you. Everyone get away from her side, because I’m getting a bit more ferocious. I Growl, Growl, Growl. If you don’t get away, you might get hurt (EXO-Growl)

EXO’s back with that repackaged album they promised! After their major success with “Wolf” and winning their first #1 award on many music shows, the boys of EXO are now back with “Growl, and off to a good start, too! The boys achieved a real time all kill with their new repacked album.  

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’sGrowl” {Korean Version}.

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’sGrowl” {Chinese Version}.


But I have lost strength in my toenail, my appetite is disappearing Am I sick? Do I have an illness?( Yeah, he’s in big trouble) Snap out of it, how could your heart be stolen by a human? She is just one bite…(EXO-Wolf)

After over a year of waiting, one of KPOP’s top rookies of 2012 have returned with their first full album “XOXO” (See what they did there?) and are this time promoting with ALL 12 members and have a new single called “Wolf”.  It has already gained attention for it’s very strong lyrics and creative choreography. 

The album is set to release on June 3rd, and has several singles heard in the EXO teasers they released before debut such as “Baby, Don’t Cry”, “Black Pearl”, “My Lady”, and “Let Out The Beast”. So stay tuned!

Korean Version

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’s Wolf {Korean Version}

Chinese Version

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’s Wolf {Chinese Version}

MAMA now let me see why the answers of the people changes.Maybe they haven’t noticed the existence of such beautiful thing as time.I have forgotten how to just hear, love and care, no longer but lost.Turning their backs while working while living.(EXO’s “MAMA)

After three months of teasers, prologue songs, and a showcase, EXO is FINALLY debuting! This time with a mini-album titled after their debuting single, “MAMA”.

As usual, the single has two versions. One Chinese and one Korean.  Unlike their previous prologue song, “History”, “MAMA” has a more  mysterious feel to it.  The MV tells about the ancient “legend” of EXO and has each of the members wielding a special power (Fire, Water, Ice, etc).  The MV definitely is one of the most impressive MV’s of the year, and certainly make even non-EXO fans anticipate whats is to come.

Here are the Color Coded Lyrics for…

I close my eyes lightly whenever I feel lonely again.I no longer fear when your breath holds me.No one in the world can replace you.You’re the only one and I’ll be there for you baby<Weekly Review #41•

NEW Lyrics
After School-Rambling Girls
B.A.P-Burn It Up (Intro)
B.A.P-Secret Love (ft. JiEun of Secret)
Brian Joo-Let This Die
Brian Joo-Can’t Stop {English Version}
Dal Shabet-Hit U
EXO-K-What Is Love
EXO-M-What Is Love

Brian Joo Artist Page

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maybe….. if there a link….. hehehe
May Be
i wish i could, but i don’t have that channel. ):
wah! i dont have TeenNick, but im recording it at a friends…
i dont have TeenNick. BUT I WANT TO WATCH IT!
i can’t 😦
i dont know where to watch it
when it is on in the netherlands~
if i happen to catch on TV
Maybe, I don’t know.
I would but I don’t have TeenNick.

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Funny of the Week: BEAST/B2ST’s YoSeob imitating Hyunseung solo dance…ahh YoSeob. This is why you’re my favorite!

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I will make you smile often like a child.I will make you feel the most comfortable like a friend.My babe, baby babe, baby baby.Tell me,What Is Love?

After weeks of releasing a ba-gillion teaser of Kai and the other members of EXO, SM Entertainment has done something a bit unexpected. They have relased a FULL song titledWhat Is Love showcasing the two of the main vocalist of EXOK (D.O& Baekhyun), and another song featuring the two main vocalist of EXOM (Chen & LuHan).

To Be honest, I havent been at all excited for EXO, but after seeing this Im actually really looking forward to their debut. Now if they would only STOP with the Kai teasers

Color Coded Lyrics for EXOKsWhat Is Love
Color Coded Lyrics for EXOMsWhat Is Love