This doesn’t make sense. She’s smiling right in front of me right now. She appears when I go to sleep, she disappears when I awake. I want to hold onto her (Say!) I want to confess, confess, confess, confess, but I Sleep Talk. Even when I wake up, I’m saying her name. Talk talk talk talk Sleep Talk. I’m going to go meet her, I’m sleepy again (NU’EST-Sleep Talk)

Color Coded Lyrics for NU’EST’sSleep Talk“.


I will overthrow everything. This crazy world I will change it. All you who close your eyes over money and threats, get out. On the news, everyone’s a public enemy. Psychopaths are crazily flying all over the place. This is a war against crime I will repay you the exact same way. Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, remember those words. There’s no forgiveness in us (B.A.P-Badman)

Although I’m sure most of you are still recovering from the epic EXO comeback, another wave is here! And it’s none other than EXO’s rivals:  B.A.P!

B.A.P went beyond the norm with this one.  The MV was filmed in Detroit  and looks almost like a movie.  Leader Bang Yong Guk had a huge hand in the lyrics, and said that he wrote this about all of the issues he hears in the news.

Color Coded Lyrics for B.A.P’sBadman“.

A black shadow awakens in me. Fireworks erupt in my eyes that see you. Everyone get away from her side, because I’m getting a bit more ferocious. I Growl, Growl, Growl. If you don’t get away, you might get hurt (EXO-Growl)

EXO’s back with that repackaged album they promised! After their major success with “Wolf” and winning their first #1 award on many music shows, the boys of EXO are now back with “Growl, and off to a good start, too! The boys achieved a real time all kill with their new repacked album.  

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’sGrowl” {Korean Version}.

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’sGrowl” {Chinese Version}.

Sometimes I’m so curious about you, I could die. But there’s nothing I can do about it now. Sometimes I think of you and I miss you so much, but I will just bury it in as beautiful memories (After School-First Love)

The ladies of After School have returned! And are now teaming up with Brave sound, which they havent done since the “Because of You” era, for their newest single “First Love”.

The girls immediately gained attention when it was revealed they would be pole dancing in the choreography of “First Love”, which takes the song on a whole new level.  For those of you who don’t know, it takes incredible strength and endurance to pole dance, and I applaud anyone who can do it. And I furthermore applaud After School for doing it as well.

Like playing the drums for “Bang!” or tap dancing for “Shampoo”, After School has once again took on a new challenge which in turn has added flair to their performance and proves that After School is one of the best performers of KPOP.

Color Coded Lyrics for After School’sFirst Love“.

But I have lost strength in my toenail, my appetite is disappearing Am I sick? Do I have an illness?( Yeah, he’s in big trouble) Snap out of it, how could your heart be stolen by a human? She is just one bite…(EXO-Wolf)

After over a year of waiting, one of KPOP’s top rookies of 2012 have returned with their first full album “XOXO” (See what they did there?) and are this time promoting with ALL 12 members and have a new single called “Wolf”.  It has already gained attention for it’s very strong lyrics and creative choreography. 

The album is set to release on June 3rd, and has several singles heard in the EXO teasers they released before debut such as “Baby, Don’t Cry”, “Black Pearl”, “My Lady”, and “Let Out The Beast”. So stay tuned!

Korean Version

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’s Wolf {Korean Version}

Chinese Version

Color Coded Lyrics for EXO’s Wolf {Chinese Version}

Oh yeah, everyone’s surprised and intimidated. Everyone wake up! Get frantic instead of being calm. Everything okey dokey. Don’t hold it in, but just flare it up yeah. Bring anyone you want and rock n’ roll (Block B – NALLILI MAMBO)

Ahoy BBCs! After an 8 month hiatus after the horrible Thailand controversy, Block B is back with their first full length album ” Block Buster”!  Though at the time things seemed like it would be hard for them to return to the entertainment world, Block B is ready to show their fans and anti’s that they’ve changed and are stronger than ever.

“NALLILI MAMBO” is one of the groups most creative title tracks as it takes on a pirate theme, and the MV takes place around the members trying to plunder their booty (Sorry, had too!) and get into quite a few shenanigans while doing so!

The album is nothing to disappoint either.  Leader Zico stated in their showcase that each track was made with care and time and that they are “not just fillers”.  

And if you haven’t yet, I urge you to GO WATCH THE TEASER FOR “MENTAL BREAKER” WITH KYUNG! Not only is it one of the best tracks on the album, but you won’t be able to enjoy the full hilarity of it all unless you’ve seen seen Kyung do his thing!  Haven’t seen it yet? Good thing I’m here —>

Color Coded Lyrics for Block B’sNILLILI MAMBO
Color Coded Lyrics for Block B’s11:30
Color Coded Lyrics for Block B’sMental Breaker