A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays.A girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes.A girl who covers herself but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all.A sensable girl like that =Weekly Review #47->

NEW Lyrics
A Pink-BuBiBu
Brown Eyed Girls-A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Dalmatian-Lover Cop
GD&TOP-Oh Yeah (ft. Bom)
PSY-Gangnam Style

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Members & Profiles
CN Blue

Last Week’s PollThere has been an AVALACHE of comebacks/solo debuts in the past couple of weeks. Which one’s your favorite?
2NE1 – I Love You – 152 Vote(s)
After School – Flashback – 55 Vote(s)
JoKwon (2AM) – I’m Da One/Animal – 15 Vote(s)
SISTAR – Loving U – 69 Vote(s)
Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single – 237 Vote(s)
T-ARA – Day by Day – 136 Vote(s)
Wooyoung (2PM) – Sexy Lady – 40 Vote(s)
ZE:A – Aftermath – 58 Vote(s)

This Week’s PollWhich KPOP MV do you think is the most random/quirky/hilarious?

Funny Of The Week : OK, this needs to be the done because anything else doesn’t hold a candle compared to this masterpiece.
If you haven’t, for some odd reason, watched PSY’s MV for “Gangnam Style” here’s your chance! It will NOT disappoint you! It is the most epic MV EVER seen! I cannot stop watching!

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Though I’ve been through breakups before, love is a first for me.Even if I’m given the whole world, if it’s not you, I don’t want it.Your story is full of secrets – now tell me. =Weekly Review #45|\

I apologize that this is so late. The power has been out almost all day long! And I have been away from KPOP for almost 12 hours…NOT fun.

NEW Lyrics
B1A4-Ready to Go
CHI CHI-Love Is Energy
CN Blue-Hey You
F.T Island-Severely
Mir & G.O (MBLAQ)-Wild

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Younha Artist Page

Last Week’s PollWhat is your favorite After School single?
AH! – 23 Vote(s)
Diva – 37 Vote(s)
Because Of You – 126 Vote(s)
Bang! – 68 Vote(s)
Shampoo – 78 Vote(s)
Flashback – 102 Vote(s)

This Week’s PollWho is your favorite Super Junior member?

Funny Of The Week : In honor of Super Junior’s comeback, here is a collection of funny Super Junior moments!

Heechul: *In English* Hey cop!
Cop: Hello there!
Heechul: I’m very sad! I lost my friend!
Cop: Well what does your friend look like?
Heechul: Short.
Cop: He’s short?
Eunhyuk: I’m LONG! 

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KARA-Speed Up/BIGBANG-ALIVE Color Coded Lyrics

Even after dominating the Japanese music charts with their “Super Girl” album, KARA’s still not done with their Japanese promotions.  They have recently released two MV’s for their singles “Speed Up” and “Girl’s Power”
First up is “Speed Up” (Girl’s Power” will be up shortly)

Speed Up” takes on a more tough and sexier image compared to some of KARA’s previous singles.  It has already gained attention from several KPOP/JPOP fans everywhere.

Color Coded Lyrics for KARA’s Speed Up

BIGBANG has finally released their long-awaited 5th mini album “Alive”, and is conquering music charts across the globe.  They have recently released their second MV for their single “Bad Boy.”

“Bad Boy” not your favorite song on the new album? Don’t worry! BIGBANG will be promoting ALL of the tracks on “Alive” so get excited to see your favorite single performed LIVE on Korean music shows.

Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’s…

Love Dust
Bad Boy
Ain’t No Fun
Fantastic Baby

Again tonight, underneath that blue moonlight.I will probably fall asleep alone.Even in my dreams, I look for you and wander around while singing this song (BIGBANG-Blue)

After a year of hardship and traumatic events, BIGBANG has returned after their hectic year of 2011 with their new single “Blue”. Unlike their last single “Tonight”, the track takes on a more softer and emotional feel that tells the story of a man dealing with the pain of breaking up with his lover.

They have already taken the number one spot on several music charts and have also received 10,000+  pre-orders for their album “Alive”, breaking TVXQ’s record in 2008.   Though everyone feared that the events of 2011 would break them apart, BIGBANG has proved to V.I.Ps everywhere that they aren’t done yet and are now stronger than ever.

Color Coded Lyrics/English Translation for BIGBANG-Blue

I’m Gonna Miss You Longer@Weekly Review #14/

I am SO sorry CHI CHI…I am sorry I ever doubted you guys!

I wasn’t exactly impressed with CHI CHI’s first single “Don’t Mess Around With Me.”  And for a group that says they want to surprass SNSD, the single didn’t really cut it.  So after a couple months of hiatus, CHI CHI came back with a new and better single.  I likey…I likey alot!

The song is extremely catchy and I found that soon after listening to it it became stuck in my head.  Though the lyrics are a bit poor English wise…(I.E> I’m gonna miss you longer, Oh even though my love is ret but I wanna be your girl as well)
Although the line “Even though my love is ret but I” may actually be correct. After looking through several lyric sites, YouTube comments, and live video footage I have found that “ret” is actually a real word.

Ret: verb
-To Moiston or soak.

Not sure what they mean by “Even though my love is soaked” though…

*NEW* Songs
2NE1-I Hate You
AS Blue-Wonder Boy
AS Red- In The Night Sky
CHI CHI-Longer
Piggy Dolls-Know Her
TVXQ-Wrong Number

AS Blue Artist Page
AS Red Artist Page

Last Weeks Poll : Which song’s cheregoraphy do you think is the most amazing/difficult to learn?
SHINee-Lucifer = 87 Vote(s)
Super Junior-BONAMANA = 11 Vote(s)
MBLAQ-Y = 2 Vote(s)
Rainbow-To Me = 5 Vote(s)
After School-Bang! = 12 Vote(s)
TVXQ-Keep Your Head Down = 17 Vote(s)
X-5-Don’t Put On An Act = 6 Vote(s)
2NE1- Clap Your Hands = 7 Vote(s)
Co-Ed-Bbedibom = 7 Vote(s)
2PM-Heartbeat = 18
(Other) BEAST/B2ST-Shock = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) f(x)-Hot Summer = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) INFINITE-Come Back Again = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) 2NE1-I Am The Best= 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Block B-Tell Me = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) SNSD-Genie = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) B1A4-Only Learned The Bad Things= 1 Vote(s)
(Other) BEAST/B2ST-Fiction = 3 Vote(s)
(Other) T-ARA-Roly Poly= 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Boyfriend-Boyfriend = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) f(x)-Danger (Pinocchio) = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Boyfriend-Lets Get It Started = 1 Vote(s)
(Other) SHINee-Replay= 1 Vote(s)

MiniPoll : The MV for 2NE1’s “I Hate You” looks AWSOME! But which member do you think is going to kick the most butt?
CL (Say Hello to her two little friends!) – 23 Vote(s)
Dara (Bustin’ out the Machete) – 44 Vote(s)
Minzy (The woman behind the wheel) – 15 Vote(s)
Bom (Rockin’ the Egyptian Collar) – 11 Vote(s)

This Weeks Poll : Lots of *NEW* releases the last couple of weeks. Which ones your fav?
This Weeks MiniPoll : After School Red or After School Blue?

See you next time~

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