Don’t lie, how are you saying that you’re innovative? Good try but aside from your hair and necklace, I can’t tell you apart – it’s just your packaging that’s different. Where is your conscience, where is your value? You’re a scam. ΔWeekly Review #50!!!

Hellooo everyone! Sorry I didn’t notify you guys the week before but I went on vacation.  Which is why I didn’t do the WR for last week. It was kinda of a spur of the moment decision by my family and we just packed our bags and flew out the door. xD

NEW Lyrics
Block B-Burn Out
D-UNIT-I’m Missin’ You
EvoL-We’re A Bit Different
Super Junior-Spy
Super Junior-Outsider
Tasty (2Wins)-You Know Me
TEEN TOP-Be Ma Girl/Will You Go Out With Me?
TEEN TOP-Party Tonight

Artist Page
Tasty (2Wins)

Last Week’s PollWhat do you think of the T-ARA bulleying controvesy and Hwayoung getting pulled out of the group?
The members would NEVER do that! Fans are just over speculating things. – 124 Vote(s)
Why the #$@! would they kick her out?! So since SHES being bullied, SHES the one that gets the boot? Nice. – 164Vote(s)
Poor Hwayoung T.T…why would they do that to her? I can’t believe she’s leaving… – 255 Vote(s)
I’m not a fan of her so I could care less. – 68 Vote(s)
I can’t believe that the girls are bullies and a member is leaving…I’m no longer a QUEEN. – 112 Vote(s)
Core Contents is a load of Sh** – 279 Vote(s)
Both parts are guilty
The truth is…. we didnt event now what happen.
It was proved that the “bullying” wasn’t real.
None of us will actually ever know what really happened.
I think they’re just making a big thing out of it.
I love T-ara no matter what!
Core Content is a big load of SHIT and i just want to know the TRUTH
don’t understand why such a thing would happen….
not sure what to think
T-ara’s popularity is going down MAJORLY. they brought it upon themselves.
Fans blew things out of proportion/twisted things to make it look worse.
I don’t know what to think…I love both T-ara and Hwayoung
They should just disband if they’re going to keep this up.
Even through,they still ordinary people,act like us.
The CEO sprouting a bunch of lies and not letting the members speak.
I still trust t-ara.. :c
I don’t know T-ARA
It’s not really anyone’s business; most of the news are rumors and gossip online
Nobody knows what REALLY happened, so no comment!
don’t care
Fans are also over reacting a bit.
No one except the T-ARA members know what really went on…
All of the news stated are very confused and contraditory. Not taking sides yet.
they have their own reasons to do that.we as Queen have to believe them
i hate t-ara now
from now i hate t ara
full of drama. huft-_-
Members don’t bully do it out of love and get carried away at times. She stay’s.
I can’t believe it!! They were all so cheerful and nice!! Is everything a fake??
Really can’t say since their company/managment never explained anything.
we don’t know what really happen….how to vote
so. i don,t care about she;s leaving t-ara

Next Week’s PollSOOO many comebacks have been made already! But which artist are you dying for a return from? (NOTE: Only ones that HAVEN’T returned in 2012)

Funny of the Week : JYP himself made this tweet…along with the penut gallery!

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Raise your hands if you hang with me (Halo!) Weekly Review #17:=

*NEW* Song Lyrics
B1A4-Bling Girl
Bang Yong Guk-I Remember (ft. YoSeob of BEAST/B2ST)

BEAST/B2ST-Fiction {Japanese Version}
BIGBANG-Lollipop pt.2
Block B-It’s Not Over (Zico, Kyung, U-Kwon, Hanhae, and Mino) {cover of Miss $‘s “Over}
Clover-La Vida Loca
Dal Shabet-Bling Bling
Elizabeth-Ppappa Pierrot

Bang Yong Guk Artist Page
Clover Artist Page
g.o.d Artist Page

Elizabeth Artist Page
H.O.T Artist Page
Shinwa Artist Page
Son Dam Bi Artist Page

I am happy to say that I got a lot of the discographys for the legends of KPOP (Shinwa, H.O.T, g.o.d).  Took me forever though. g.o.d took me (no joke) three hours to complete.  Oooooo the pain!
I would also like the introduce a new worker on the cite, emoi123.  She’ll be working on the SHINee page, and so far shes gotten a TON done.

In my room
Love Should Go On
Love’s Way
Best Place
Forever or Never

Four Seasons
Last Gift
Talk to You
Hit Me Baby
Please Don’t Go
SHINee Girl
The Name I Loved
Shout Out
Ready or Not
Love Pain

Love Should Go On

*…Looks at her list, then looks at emois*…WOW I suck! xD

Last Week’s Poll : Who is your favorite female KPOP rapper?
Bora of SISTAR – 11 Vote(s)
CL of 2NE1 – 95 Vote(s)
Woori of Rainbow – 13 Vote(s)
Kahi of After School – 11 Vote(s)
Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls – 18 Vote(s)
Amber of f(x) – 42 Vote(s)
Hyuna of 4minute – 26 Vote(s)
Yoobin of Wonder Girls – 9 Vote(s)
Hyomin of T-ARA – 14 Vote(s)
Zinger of Secret – 4 Vote(s)
Jia of miss A – 19 Vote(s)
(Other) TaeYeon of SNSD – 2 Vote(s)
(Other) Everyone in 2ne1- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Victoria of f(x) – 1 Vote(s)
(Other) YoonA of SNSD – 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Yuri of SNSD – 1 Vote(s)
(Other) MinAh of Girl’s Day- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Eunjung of T-ARA- 3 Vote(s)
(Other) Vikki of Dal Shabet- 1 Vote(s)
(Other) IU – 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Bom of 2NE1 – 1 Vote(s)

This Week’s Poll : What song is an absolute FAIL at using English?

I completely lost it when I read Yoochun’s “My Love is bigger than a gingerbread man’s vitality”…Omw my sides are hurting already.

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : G-Dragons New Hair Cut: Love it or Hate it?
OMW! LOOOVE IT! – 48 Vote(s)
WHY did he do that? I HATE it! – 35 Vote(s)

Well I’ll be damned…

This Week’s Mini-Poll : HyunA had to stop her promotions with “Bubble Pop” and now people are claiming shes a bit over the top when it comes to being sexy (Putting it mildly..) What are your thoughts?

This one I left open for other comments.  If you want to type in your original thoughts on the matter than please do, just be civil about it.  I know this is a controversal issue in the KPOP world.  Thats why I’m curious to see others opinions about it.

So like normal, I leave you with a a funny note.  Except this time instead of a pic, I have two vids!  All I can say is: Thank God for rookie idols desperation for getting attention though variety and reality shows. They just make my world go round!

B1A4’s famous Sprout Dance

Sandeul facial expressions make the ENTIRE dance! Especually 0:41…Baro and Sandeul are the ultimate combo!

Aaaaand Teen Top!

I was screaming I was laughing so hard at this…and it was 2 in the morning!  Niel’s facial expression at 0:40 makes me lose it EVERYTIME.

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