I go on top of the clock hand,I pierce my heart with the second hand.I go inside the gears of the clock.With the springs, I turn back the time <

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this. But I’d figured it’s time to start doing this again since schools out and I have quite a bit of time on my hands!

Since the amount of lyrics I’ve done since the last WR would take two pages, I just put down a few high light songs.

NEW Lyrics
2NE1 – Be Mine
A-JAX – One 4 U
B1A4 – Sleep Well, Goodnight
B1A4 – Smile
B1A4 – So Fine
BIGBANG – Monster
Boyfriend – Love Style
Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending
Busker Busker – Ideal Type
Busker Busker – Loneliness Amplifier
Cross Gene – La-Di Da-Di
Dalmatian – E.R
Dal★Shabet – Mr. BANG BANG
F.Cuz – No.1
f(x) – Beautiful Stranger
f(x) – Electric Shock
Girls’ Generation/SNSD – Paparazzi
INFINITE – The Chaser
JJ Project – Bounce
Jo Kwon – Animal (Radio Edit)
Jo Kwon – Just a Kiss
Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl (ft. Nassun)
Lee So Ra – The Wind is Blowing
Lee So Ra – Lonely
M.I.B – So It’s Only Hard For Me
Soul Connection – Hey Ma (ft. Csp, Still PM, Maslo, Jepp Blackman/Bang Yong Guk & Kuan)
UKISS – Believe
UKISS – Te Amo
VIXX – Super Hero
Wonder Girls – Like This

Artist Pages
Cross Gene
JJ Project
Jo Kwon
Lee Hyori
Lee So Ra
Park Ji Yoon

Members & Profiles
A Pink
Block B
Cross Gene
Girl’s Day

This Weeks PollWho is your favorite Girls’ Generation/SNSD member?

Funny of the Week : Check out this aff(x)tion..or plus…damn SM release their fan club name!

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Oh Mr. BANG BANG, stop right there Babe.Even if you speed off, I got you.I’ve got you perfectly cornered, don’t move a muscle.Don’t be scared, show me your heart (Dal★Shabet-Mr. BANG BANG)

The loss of their leader isn’t going to slow these girls down! Dal★Shabet is back with their first full length album “BANG BANG” and with new member WooHee (Who, personally, I am VERY impressed with).  Previously, the girls have shown that they can pull off a cutesy image with “Supa Dupa Diva” and tough girl image with “Hit U”. But this time it’s a mix of the two as the girls sing about wanting a boy to confess their obvious love for her as they rob a bank…cutely. Not the best criminals I’ve ever seen. Don’t quit your day job Dal★Shabet!

New member WooHee starts to sing at 0:32.

And BEFORE you go to the lyrics, I can already tell some of you will question the chorus since the MV shows at least four of them singing.  BUT I found a fan cam of them singing the song at their showcase and THIS is how they sang it. Here’s the vid—>


Color Coded Lyrics for DalShabet’s Mr. BANG BANG“.

BIGBANG-Ego/Feeing + Pixie Lott-Dancing On My Own (ft. GD&TOP)

As expected, BIGBANG has released the Japanese edition of their new album “Alive”.  Not only does it have the Japanese versions of some of the tracks on the Korean “Alive” album, but they also added 2 more BRAND NEW tracks titled “Ego” and “Feeling” as well as the Japanese version of “Haru Haru/Day by Day”.

Whats even more note worthy is that the track “Feeling” has been selected as  opening theme song for the cartoon “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Prime” (otherwise known as “Transformers Prime”) in Japan. Check out the CM below–>

Also, thanks to the keen eyes of BIGBANG fans, GD&TOP’s (sub unit of BIGBANG with members G-Dragon and T.O.P) name was spotted in the tracklist of the upcoming Japanese edition of famous English artist Pixie Lott, and it was revealed that they are fetured in the song “Dancing On My Own”.  The song is entirely in English and both GD and TOP are singing in more than half of the song.  Even if you’re not a fan of Pixie, be sure to check out the song to listen to the impressive English of both G-Dragon and T.O.P

Color Coded Lyrics for…
Pixie Lott’sDancing On My Own” (ft. GD&TOP)

KARA-Speed Up/BIGBANG-ALIVE Color Coded Lyrics

Even after dominating the Japanese music charts with their “Super Girl” album, KARA’s still not done with their Japanese promotions.  They have recently released two MV’s for their singles “Speed Up” and “Girl’s Power”
First up is “Speed Up” (Girl’s Power” will be up shortly)

Speed Up” takes on a more tough and sexier image compared to some of KARA’s previous singles.  It has already gained attention from several KPOP/JPOP fans everywhere.

Color Coded Lyrics for KARA’s Speed Up

BIGBANG has finally released their long-awaited 5th mini album “Alive”, and is conquering music charts across the globe.  They have recently released their second MV for their single “Bad Boy.”

“Bad Boy” not your favorite song on the new album? Don’t worry! BIGBANG will be promoting ALL of the tracks on “Alive” so get excited to see your favorite single performed LIVE on Korean music shows.

Color Coded Lyrics for BIGBANG’s…

Love Dust
Bad Boy
Ain’t No Fun
Fantastic Baby

Again tonight, underneath that blue moonlight.I will probably fall asleep alone.Even in my dreams, I look for you and wander around while singing this song (BIGBANG-Blue)

After a year of hardship and traumatic events, BIGBANG has returned after their hectic year of 2011 with their new single “Blue”. Unlike their last single “Tonight”, the track takes on a more softer and emotional feel that tells the story of a man dealing with the pain of breaking up with his lover.

They have already taken the number one spot on several music charts and have also received 10,000+  pre-orders for their album “Alive”, breaking TVXQ’s record in 2008.   Though everyone feared that the events of 2011 would break them apart, BIGBANG has proved to V.I.Ps everywhere that they aren’t done yet and are now stronger than ever.

Color Coded Lyrics/English Translation for BIGBANG-Blue

B.A.P=Bunnies Are Perfect?

If you’ve were keeping an eye on the KPOP scene in 2011, you definitely know about B.A.P.  Ever since Bang Yong Guk rapped along side of Song Ji Eun of Secret in “Going Crazy” and fans saw the skills of him and Zelo in “Never Give Up”, they soon became the most anticipated rookie group of 2012.

Now almost a year after BYG appeared on the music scene, TS Entertainment has finally set a date for B.A.P’s debut. Their album will be released on January 26, 2012 and their first showcase will be on January 28, 2012.

But probably one of THE most intriguing things about B.A.P are their mascots: The Bunnies.  They first appeared in Bang Yong Guk’s cover album for “I Remember”.

At first people didn’t really pay attention to it, but after TS revealed members Zelo and Himchan their OWN bunnies appeared, people started to get curious.
Recently B.A.P released their first MV teaser, and in it is not only a DJ bunny, but the machine from the “I Remember” cover as well.

Now the other 3 members of B.A.P have been revealed (As well as their Bunnies!)

From left to right….

  • DaeHyun
  • Lead Vocal
  • From articles I read about the 1st episode of “Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P”, he didn’t talk much and had the mask on the entire episode.

  • YongUp
  • Sub Vocalist, Dance
  • In the 1st episode of “Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P” he was extremely awkward and shy, but many fans say he was “Cute” and “Adorable”

  • Himchan
  • Subvocal
  • The 2nd member of B.A.P to be revealed
  • Birthday: 1990. 04. 19
  • Was the MC for MTV’s “The Show”

  • Bang Yong Guk
  • Leader, Rapper
  • 1990. 03. 31
  • 1st member of B.A.P to be revealed
  • Nickname: Jepp Blackman
  • Was the rapper in Song Ji Eun’s “Going Crazy”, and released his own single called “I Remember” in 2011.
  • In the 1st episode of “Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P” he said the F*** word….alot! xD

  • YoungJae
  • Lead Vocal
  • In the first episode of “Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P”, he was one of the most talkative and humorous of the group.

  • Zelo
  • Real name is Choi JunHong
  • Rap, Dance, Maknae
  • The 3rd member of B.A.P to be revealed
  • 1996. 10. 15
  • Recently made his appearance with BYG as the sub-group “Bang & Zelo”

And if not seeing the whole team of B.A.P wasn’t exciting enough, the producers of “Ta-Dah!” have incorporated the bunnies into the show has well!

One of my favorites…


Check out BAPBunnies for more Bunnie clips!

Getting Jiggy Getting Eh,Eh,Eh.Just following my heart,I’ll see how it goes•Weekly Review#33<

NEW Lyrics
After School-Diva (2011 Version)
Bang & Zelo-Never Give Up
BIGBANG-Last Farewell
F.Cuz-Because Of You
F.Cuz-Boy Meets Girl
F.Cuz-No One
F.T Island-After Love
F.T Island-I Confess
F.T Island-I Hope
F.T Island-Love Sick
F.T Island-Missing You
F.T Island-Raining
Happy Pledis-Love Letter
INFINITE-White Confession
TAKEN-Only You
Trouble Maker-The Words I Don’t Want to Hear
Trouble Maker-Trouble Maker
WE-The Rain

Bang & Zelo Artist Page
F.Cuz Artist Page
Trouble Maker Artist Page
WE Artist Page

Perfume-Electro World

Last Week’s Poll : Which is your favorite pair of Idol siblings?
Dara (2NE1) & Thunder (MBLAQ) – 201 Vote(s)
Jessica (SNSD) & Krystal {f(x)} – 120 Vote(s)
Leeteuk (Super Junior) & Inyoung – 35 Vote(s)
Kibum (ex member of UKISS) & Kim Hyun Joon (SS501) – 25 Vote(s)
Zico (Block B) & Taewoon (Co-Ed) – 31 Vote(s)
Kwangmin & Youngmin (Boyfriend) – 152 Vote(s)
HwaYoung (T-ARA) & HyoYoung (Co-Ed) – 24 Vote(s)
(Other) Mir (MBLAQ) & Eun-Ah – 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Junsu (JYJ) & Junho – 1 Vote(s)
Dara (2NE1), Thunder (MBLAQ), & Dadoongie~ 😀

This Weeks’ Poll : Which is your favorite duo group/sub unit?

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : When you first saw Zelo,Bang Yong Guk’s unit partner,how many of u were like “WHY ARE YOU FIFTEEN!??”
Me..I DONT WANT TO BE A PEDOBEAR!!! – 93 Vote(s)
Nah, he’s not that cute – 36 Vote(s)

umm he’s older than me tbh
WOAH He’s younger than me
Im fourteen 😀
Yeah! He’s in my age!
im younger ;D
I’m younger than him.
He’s older than me 😀
who’s that?
Soooo cute♥
Who is he?
yay! i can now imagine him singing me “nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
Yay! Someone to sing me “Nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
he’s just a year older 😛
he’s only a year younger than me woooo
His the same age as I am
perfect i’m 15 🙂
Same age
yay! my dream of someone younger than me can come true! “nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
YAY, he can be my chingu~
IM younger than him!!  😀
I’m still younger than him >:3
I’m younger than him :3
doesn’t matter, i too, am fifteen
i am younger~ his my oppa ^_^
He’s 15?!
Not a pedobear!-He’s perfect-!
I’m 17 so it’s ok for me lmao
I’m 14 so yeah it’s fine 🙂
idk D:
yay! i get my Replay fantasy! “Nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
he’s 3 years older than me Thank God
I actully rejoiced because I’m 13 years old. :”””>
OMG!, Love him!
I’m fifteen ahaha~
HES 15!? DX

*Laughs at the “Nuna Neomu Yeppeo” comments*

This Week’s Mini-Poll : Did you think that the “Trouble Maker” MV was too sensual?

Funny for the week—>

2PM’s Junsu sleeping next to a dog. Toooo cute!

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