Step it up, step it up, it’s the beginning again.I’m going to outrun by speeding up my tempo again→Weekly Review #30[]

NEW Songs
FT Island – Like The Birds
LEDApple-Boy Meets Girls/Ran Into You By Chance
N.Sonic-Super Boy
Tablo-Bad (ft.Jinshil)
TAKEN-Young Boy
Wonder Girls-G.N.O

AA Artist Page
LEDApple Artist Page
N.Sonic Artist Page
TAKEN Artist Page

Last Week’s Poll : Who is your favorite Wonder Girls member?
SunYe – 56 Vote(s)
YooBin – 103 Vote(s)
Lim – 33 Vote(s)
SoHee – 109 Vote(s)
YeEun – 35 Vote(s)
SunMi – 28 Vote(s)

This Weeks’ Poll : Which KPOP dance craze is your favorite?

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : Which legendary girl group comeback was your favorite?
SNSD with “The Boys” – 230 Vote(s)
Wonder Girls with “Be My Baby” – 181 Vote(s)

This Week’s Mini-Poll : What do you think about AA’s Aoora and Kimchi trolling incident?

For this weeks Funny, its 2PM cheering on the Wonder Girls on the set of the “Be My Baby” Music Video…in their own special way.
This one is of Wooyoung

And this one is of Junho and Chansung

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