Getting Jiggy Getting Eh,Eh,Eh.Just following my heart,I’ll see how it goes•Weekly Review#33<

NEW Lyrics
After School-Diva (2011 Version)
Bang & Zelo-Never Give Up
BIGBANG-Last Farewell
F.Cuz-Because Of You
F.Cuz-Boy Meets Girl
F.Cuz-No One
F.T Island-After Love
F.T Island-I Confess
F.T Island-I Hope
F.T Island-Love Sick
F.T Island-Missing You
F.T Island-Raining
Happy Pledis-Love Letter
INFINITE-White Confession
TAKEN-Only You
Trouble Maker-The Words I Don’t Want to Hear
Trouble Maker-Trouble Maker
WE-The Rain

Bang & Zelo Artist Page
F.Cuz Artist Page
Trouble Maker Artist Page
WE Artist Page

Perfume-Electro World

Last Week’s Poll : Which is your favorite pair of Idol siblings?
Dara (2NE1) & Thunder (MBLAQ) – 201 Vote(s)
Jessica (SNSD) & Krystal {f(x)} – 120 Vote(s)
Leeteuk (Super Junior) & Inyoung – 35 Vote(s)
Kibum (ex member of UKISS) & Kim Hyun Joon (SS501) – 25 Vote(s)
Zico (Block B) & Taewoon (Co-Ed) – 31 Vote(s)
Kwangmin & Youngmin (Boyfriend) – 152 Vote(s)
HwaYoung (T-ARA) & HyoYoung (Co-Ed) – 24 Vote(s)
(Other) Mir (MBLAQ) & Eun-Ah – 1 Vote(s)
(Other) Junsu (JYJ) & Junho – 1 Vote(s)
Dara (2NE1), Thunder (MBLAQ), & Dadoongie~ 😀

This Weeks’ Poll : Which is your favorite duo group/sub unit?

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : When you first saw Zelo,Bang Yong Guk’s unit partner,how many of u were like “WHY ARE YOU FIFTEEN!??”
Me..I DONT WANT TO BE A PEDOBEAR!!! – 93 Vote(s)
Nah, he’s not that cute – 36 Vote(s)

umm he’s older than me tbh
WOAH He’s younger than me
Im fourteen 😀
Yeah! He’s in my age!
im younger ;D
I’m younger than him.
He’s older than me 😀
who’s that?
Soooo cute♥
Who is he?
yay! i can now imagine him singing me “nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
Yay! Someone to sing me “Nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
he’s just a year older 😛
he’s only a year younger than me woooo
His the same age as I am
perfect i’m 15 🙂
Same age
yay! my dream of someone younger than me can come true! “nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
YAY, he can be my chingu~
IM younger than him!!  😀
I’m still younger than him >:3
I’m younger than him :3
doesn’t matter, i too, am fifteen
i am younger~ his my oppa ^_^
He’s 15?!
Not a pedobear!-He’s perfect-!
I’m 17 so it’s ok for me lmao
I’m 14 so yeah it’s fine 🙂
idk D:
yay! i get my Replay fantasy! “Nuna, neomu yeppeo”!
he’s 3 years older than me Thank God
I actully rejoiced because I’m 13 years old. :”””>
OMG!, Love him!
I’m fifteen ahaha~
HES 15!? DX

*Laughs at the “Nuna Neomu Yeppeo” comments*

This Week’s Mini-Poll : Did you think that the “Trouble Maker” MV was too sensual?

Funny for the week—>

2PM’s Junsu sleeping next to a dog. Toooo cute!

Listening to: F.Cuz-Jiggy (Thank you Corina, for your request has made me addicted to this song >.<‘)
: Annoyed because of this headace..Grrrr!!

Step it up, step it up, it’s the beginning again.I’m going to outrun by speeding up my tempo again→Weekly Review #30[]

NEW Songs
FT Island – Like The Birds
LEDApple-Boy Meets Girls/Ran Into You By Chance
N.Sonic-Super Boy
Tablo-Bad (ft.Jinshil)
TAKEN-Young Boy
Wonder Girls-G.N.O

AA Artist Page
LEDApple Artist Page
N.Sonic Artist Page
TAKEN Artist Page

Last Week’s Poll : Who is your favorite Wonder Girls member?
SunYe – 56 Vote(s)
YooBin – 103 Vote(s)
Lim – 33 Vote(s)
SoHee – 109 Vote(s)
YeEun – 35 Vote(s)
SunMi – 28 Vote(s)

This Weeks’ Poll : Which KPOP dance craze is your favorite?

Last Week’s Mini-Poll : Which legendary girl group comeback was your favorite?
SNSD with “The Boys” – 230 Vote(s)
Wonder Girls with “Be My Baby” – 181 Vote(s)

This Week’s Mini-Poll : What do you think about AA’s Aoora and Kimchi trolling incident?

For this weeks Funny, its 2PM cheering on the Wonder Girls on the set of the “Be My Baby” Music Video…in their own special way.
This one is of Wooyoung

And this one is of Junho and Chansung

Listening to: T-ARA “Cry Cry”
 Mood: Dizzy and Sleepy…Zzzzzz..

Cleansing Cream (B.E.G) /Because I’m Crazy (AA)

Hi guys! Hows it going?

I’ll be going away for the weekend so I wont be able to get much done on the site. But before I go I wanted to update you guys on two songs that have been catching eyes over the past week.

First up is Brown Eyed Girls with “Cleansing Cream”.  This isn’t your average ballad.  I was surprised how much I liked it since ballads and me don’t really get along.  But definitely take the time to check the song out even if you’re a bit skeptical.

Click here for the lyrics of “Cleansing Cream“.

Next up is AA with “Because I’m Crazy.”
Seriously, all week that’s all I’ve been reading about.  “AA” this and “AA” that so I FINALLY decided to take a look at them.  They are actually pretty good. Although I like MYNAME better, they definitely have something to bring to the table

AA hasn’t released an MV of “Because I’m Crazy” (Yet) but they recently debuted on Music Bank so be sure to take a look~

Click here for the lyrics of “Because I’m Crazy“.

Have a good weekend!