Break apart this twisted space. It’s the future, we’re Humanoids on top of a fragment.It’s overflowing with the utopia that you and I have created.It’s the future, we are Humanoids to change the future (TVXQ-Humanoids)

TVXQ is back with their follow up track to “Catch Me” titled “Humanoids”.

“Humanoids” is definitely a track KPOP fans will fall for with it’s addicting techno melody and catchy chorus.  And the MV isn’t just Yunho and Changmin dancing in a weird room…I was pleasantly surprised to find some acting scenes!

Color Coded Lyrics for TVXQ’sHumanoids“.

60 Seconds is enough for this story.You have entered my heart I don’t doubt that you have taken me in this not-so-short time. That’s the kind of person you are, a story that’s enough for me. I don’t need a reason. You made my heart flutter and you made me find you.That first time (Sunggyu (INFINITE)-60 Seconds)

The wait is over all you INSPIRIT’s and HamsterGyu fans. The “Solo Invasion” has begun!! Leader Sunggyu has released his very own solo album titled “Another Me”. 

The song and MV can be a bit confusing and be hard to understand at the first watch, but I found this lovely comment on allkpop that really explains it quite well.

syapekoSo this is what’s going on in #INFINITE @leadergyu #Sungkyu’s new MV 60sec. So L sees the girl and wants to meet her. Time stops for 60sec and he sees their entire relationship play out right up until their break up. Because their relationship is doomed he decides to get up and leave his ring (by the way you never see it on his finger until he puts it on in the alternate timeline). In the current timeline (where they have yet to meet) she sees the forgotten ring and tries to give it back to him. L tells her to keep it because he already saw that they would break up. When she looks into his eyes she she is able to see the alternate timeline as well. This is shown by the alternate timeline video reversing quickly. This also resets the timeline so that they never meet. The scene where L offers her umbrella is the first time they would have met IF he decided to go with the relationship. But because he doesn’t he ends up alone. GENIUS!

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Dal-Shabet-Have, Don’t Have / A-JAX-2MYX

Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet has made a comeback after promising results from the release of their first full length album.  This time the girls single “Have, Don’t Have” is a disco type song with cute lyrics about the girl’s feelings for a their lover.

There is also a 2nd MV of the single called the “Don’t Have” version which features the Electric Swing Remix of the song (Which I like better because it has that catchy electronic sound that reminds me of “We Don’t Speak Americano”.)

Color Coded Lyrics for Dal Shabet’sHave, Don’t Have


A-JAX has also returned tot he music scene with their first mini album and are promoting their new single “2MYX”.  The song was made by the same producer of Girl’s Generation’s/SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” and is said to be a response to the the song.  

Color Coded Lyrics for A-JAX’s “2MYX

Don’t make that face This is my last conversation with you Don’t be disappointed Yes, don’t meet a guy like me now I’ll be on my way first

Our beloved boys of B1A4 are back! This time around the boys are unexpectedly showing off a new more mature style then their crazy antic and lovey dovey singles like “OK” and “Beautiful Target”.  This time the boys sing about letting go a relationship and moving on.

Color Coded Lyrics for B1A4′s Tried to Walk“.

Boyfriend-Janus / D-UNIT-Luv Me

Looks like November is going to be an exciting month for KPOP fans what with the enormous amount of groups and singers that will be making a comeback.  And to start it all off we have everyone’s favorite flower boy’s Boyfriend with “Janus” and the talented trio D-UNIT with “Luv Me”.


Color Coded Lyrics for Boyfriend’s Janus“.


Color Coded Lyrics for D-UNIT’sLuv Me“.

Don’t act so miserably and pitifully.Go disappear far, far away.Don’t cry so pathetically.Just forget everything forever.Listen.Stop worrying about others and just mind your own business.I don’t need your sympathy or pity. (LEE Hi-1,2,3,4)

The wait is finally over KPOP Star fans! Winner Park Ji Min debuted with 15&, Baek Ah Yeon made her solo debut, and now finally LEE Hi has made her own debut with her very own single “1,2,3,4″.

Those that fell in love with LEE Hi because of her rendition of Duffy’s “Mercy” will not be disappointed with this single as it takes on a jazzy yet funky approach that suites LEE Hi’s low vocals.  

Color Coded Lyrics for LEE Hi’s1, 2, 3, 4“.

I hoped that you would hold my hand.When I saw your lips, my heart pounded.My diary was filled with stories of you every day.When doodling with my friends, I wrote your name (Girl’s Day-Don’t Forget Me)

Our fun and crazy ladies of Girl’s Day are back!  This time around they are taking a break from the crazyness from “Oh! My God” and are taking a more feminine and serious approach with their new single “Don’t Forget Me” where the girls sing to their crush about their unspoken feelings.

Color Coded Lyrics for Girl’s Day’sDon’t Forget Me“.

Don’t get mad at me, stop it, please don’t do this I’m getting annoyed, I’m getting mad – I love you. How many times do I have to tell you for you to know? Do you know how I feel? Do you know how I feel? (B.A.P-Stop It)

Dropping their 5TH album of this year, B.A.P is back yet again to the music scene with their latest single “Stop It”.  Like “Crash”, “Stop It” takes on a more light hearted approached than their previous warrior singles as the boys are singing about the frustrations of an up and down relationship. The MV is a treat as well with it’s the first time B.A.P has ever done a comedic like video as it shows leader Bang Yong Guk trying to win the affections of a girl all the while fighting back the other members.

Color Coded Lyrics for B.A.P’sStop It“.

Oh yeah, everyone’s surprised and intimidated. Everyone wake up! Get frantic instead of being calm. Everything okey dokey. Don’t hold it in, but just flare it up yeah. Bring anyone you want and rock n’ roll (Block B – NALLILI MAMBO)

Ahoy BBCs! After an 8 month hiatus after the horrible Thailand controversy, Block B is back with their first full length album ” Block Buster”!  Though at the time things seemed like it would be hard for them to return to the entertainment world, Block B is ready to show their fans and anti’s that they’ve changed and are stronger than ever.

“NALLILI MAMBO” is one of the groups most creative title tracks as it takes on a pirate theme, and the MV takes place around the members trying to plunder their booty (Sorry, had too!) and get into quite a few shenanigans while doing so!

The album is nothing to disappoint either.  Leader Zico stated in their showcase that each track was made with care and time and that they are “not just fillers”.  

And if you haven’t yet, I urge you to GO WATCH THE TEASER FOR “MENTAL BREAKER” WITH KYUNG! Not only is it one of the best tracks on the album, but you won’t be able to enjoy the full hilarity of it all unless you’ve seen seen Kyung do his thing!  Haven’t seen it yet? Good thing I’m here —>

Color Coded Lyrics for Block B’sNILLILI MAMBO
Color Coded Lyrics for Block B’s11:30
Color Coded Lyrics for Block B’sMental Breaker


This fool can’t even tell me not to go. Why did I only look at this fool, at pitiful you? Baby Catch Me. Catch Me. Catch Me, Girl, Tonight. Before I leave (I’m serious, I’m serious) If only you held onto me, stopped me, cried, hit me and told me the reason (I’m serious I’m serious) (TVXQ-Catch Me)

THE KINGS ARE BACK! After over a year of waiting Cassiopeia’s around the world are rejoicing for the return of TVXQ/DBSK!  This time around Yunho and Changmin are promoting their 6th album with their new single “Catch Me”

Color Coded Lyrics for TVXQ’sCatch Me“.