TaeYang Discography/Lyrics


1. HotIntro
2. Prayer (ft. Teddy)
3. Only Look At Me
4. Sinner
5. Baby I’m Sorry
6. Make Love (ft. Kush)


1. SolarIntro
2. Superstar
3. I Need A Girl (ft. G-Dragon)

4. Just a Feeling
5. Youre My
6. Move (ft. Teddy)
7. Break Down
8. After You Sleep (ft. Swings)
9. Where U At
10. Wedding Dress
11. Take It Slow

Solar-International Version   NOTE: New Tracks Only!
4. Ill Be There {English Version}
5. Wedding Dress {English Version}
6. Connection (ft. Big Tone) {English Version}
12. Ill Be There


Ringa Linga
1. Ringa Linga

My Girl

Friend (ft. T.O.P)
Hallelujah (ft. G-Dragon and T.O.P)
Korean DreamGDragon (ft. TaeYang)
TomorrowTablo (ft. TaeYang)


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