Tablo is a singer/rapper/producer/song writer signed to WOOLIM Entertainment and YG Entertainment and is known for being a rapper in the popular hip hop group Epik High When he was young, Tablo got into many fights in school and suffered from depression and used hiphop as an outlet for stress But because his parents opposed, he didnt pursue the career as a singer until a close friend died from cancer. He then decided to live out his friends dream and debuted in 2003 with Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz as Epik High Since Epik High hiatus Tablo has helped boy group INFINITE with their music, rapped in many songs, and has released his own solo album in late 2011He is married to actress Kang Hye Jeong and has a baby girl (Which Tablo states often how relieved he is that she looks like her mother than her father).

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