Tablo Discography/Lyrics


Fever’s End (Part 1)
1. Home (ft. Lee Sora)
2. Bad (ft. Jinsil)
3. Airbag (ft. Naul)
4. The Tide (ft. DJ Friz)
5. Bottom (ft. Bumkey)

Fever’s End (Part 2)
1. Tomorrow (ft. TaeYang from BIGBANG)
2. The Source (ft. DJ Tukutz)
3. Dear TV / Bring Down Fever
5. Thankful Breath (ft. Yankee & Bong Tae Kyu)
6. Expiration Date

Talk Play LoveAnyband
Promise UAnyband
My GrooveRain (ft. Tablo)
Let Me Love YouM (ft. Tablo)
Campus Love StoryCho PD (ft. Tablo)
The City – Lena Park (ft. Tablo)
Love ModeClazziquai (ft. Tablo)
Never Know – Lim Jeong Hee (ft. Tablo)
School of Hip Hop (ft. Garion and Tablo)
Never KnowLim Jeong Hee (ft. Tablo)
Im ComingRain (ft. Tablo)
Rain BowInfinity Flow (ft. Tablo and Nell)
TheMStyleM (ft. Tablo)
I Love UNavi (ft. Tablo)
AlivePe2ny (ft. Tablo and Yankie)
MemoryYounha (ft. Tablo)


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