TARA is a 6 member girl group signed to Core Contents EntertainmentThe members were in training for three years and were titled The Super Rookiesbecause of the amount of interest they were receiving before their debutSince their debut the girls continued to gain popularity from singles, participation in reality and variety shows, and for their drama type MVs for Cry Cry and Lovey Doveywhich has gained much praise from fans and critics alike. In 2012 it was announced that TARA would change from being a 7 membered group to a 9 member group, and would introduce their first member Ahreum with their new singleDay by Day“.

In 2012 member Hwayoung was taken out of the group by CCM, and rumors began to circle around that she was bullied by the other members.  Though their agency and the members themselves have denied the accusations, TARAs fan base has been shaky and the group has been struggling to maintain their popularity and success because of the scandal.

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