Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill is a mixed idol group signed to LOEN Entertainment.  Member Janghyun (the only male memberwas a finalist in Battle Shinhwa and was suppose to debut with boy band Battle“,  but instead dropped out to continue his studies in music Later on he debuted with Joobi and Sungah asSunny Hill.” After they debuted in 2007,  they went on a two-year hiatus in 2008 where they changed labels, added two new members, and created and produced tracks themselves for their new minialbum. Sunny Hill is known for their unique style and deep and powerful lyrics.

Members & Profiles
Cover Art
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2 thoughts on “Sunny Hill

  1. so the song Pit-A-Pat was produced in 2008 and now used in The Greatest Love drama…WOW

    the song is so good, how can we not know it!! really a good song, good song with a good drama.thanks for the info, been searching for their bio for awhile 🙂

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