Sunny Hill Discography/Lyrics

AN: I’m not 100% sure on the discography for this one.  There is barely anything at all about Sunny Hill on the internet.  So the ones with a * on them are ones I’ve translated so they might not be the accurate title.  If you have any corrections please message me.


Love Letter
1. Because It’s You*
2. GoodBye New York
3. Ringtone
4. Leave
5. Because It’s You (Instrumental)
6. GoodBye New York (Instrumental)
7. Ringtone (Instrumental)
8. Leave (Instrumental)

Winter Story
1. Winter Story
2. Winter Story (Instrumental)


My Summer
1. Love Is All I Know
2. Elastic*
3. My Girl
4. Love Is All I Know (Instrumental)
5. Elastic (Instrumental)
6. My Girl (Instrumental)


1. PitaPat
2. PitaPat (Acoustic Version)
3. PitaPat (Piano Version)

Midnight Circus
1. Girl with a Accordion (Intro)
2. Puppet
3. Midnight Circus
4. Let’s Talk About (ft. Jea)
5. Pray (Preview)
6. Midnight Circus (Instrumental)

1. Pray
2. Pray (Instrumental)


The Grasshoppers
1. Bad Guy
2. Hide and Seek
3. The Grasshopper Song

Is The White Horse Coming?
1Is The White Horse Coming?
2. The Grasshopper Song (Haihm Remix)

Antique Romance
1. Cold Day (with Yoon Hyun Sang)
2. Goodbye to Romance
3. Would You Marry Me?
4. 3OUT
5. Goodbye to Romance (Instrumental)
6. Cold Day (Instrumental)


Young Folk
1. Young Folk
2. Darling of All Hearts (ft. Hareem)
3. Sitcom
5. Anything You Want
6Because Theres Many Things I Dont Know About

You Don’t Know
Mamma Mia – Narsha (ft. Sunny Hill)


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