Orange Caramel Discography/Lyrics


Orange Caramel: The First Mini Album
1. Magic Girl
2. Can’t You Delay Love
3. Magic Girl (Instrumental)
4. Can’t You Delay Love (Instrumental)
5. The Day You Went Away [Taiwan Edition Only]

Orange Caramel: The Second Mini Album
1. Aing
2. One Love
3. Still
4. Standing Here
5. Aing (Instrumental)


Bangkok City
1. Bangkok City
2. Bangkok City (Instrumental)

Shanghai Romance
1. Shanghai Romance
2. Close Your Eyes (Nana Solo)
3. The Day You Went Away {Chinese Version}


1. Bubble Bath
2. Milkshake
3. Lipstick

5Magic Girl
6. Still
7. Superwoman
8One Love
9Shanghai Romance
10. Claras Dream (Lizzy Solo)
11. Close Your Eyes (Nana Solo)
12. Love Does Not Wait? (Raina Solo)
13. Bangkok City (2012 New Recording)

Funny Honey
Hug Song (with 10cm)

Japanese Albums


Orange Caramel
1. Aing♥ {Japanese Version}
2. Magic Girl {Japanese Version}
3. Cookies, Cream & Mint
4. Bangkok City {Japanese Version}
5. Lipstick {Japanese Version}
6. The Angel’s Wink
7. Lamu no Love Song
8. My Sweet Devil
9. Shanghai Romance {Japanese Version}
10. Red Shoes
11. Sleeping Forest (Nana Solo)
12. Sour Grapes (Lizzy Solo)
13. Meteor and Piercing (Raina Solo)


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