Leehom Wang

Alexander Leehom Wang is a Chinese singer/songwriter/director/actor signed to Song Music and is one of the most famous and influential idols in China. He was born in Rochester, New York where he was raised under a family of academicians Having graduated high school as valedictorian of his class and having perfect SAT scores, he was originally going to pursue a medical career at Princeton or Yale but found his passion for music and decided to go to Williams College, and later Berklee College of Music instead despite his families objections Leehom Wang is praised for bringing CPOP to the world by mixing western music with classical Chinese music and is one of the few artist in the world that produced, writes, composes, and even play the instruments for his own songs. One of the interesting thing about Leehom Wang is that he did not learn Chinese until he was 18 years old.  A rarity for famous Chinese singers.

Love Rival Beethoven
1. Four Seasons
2. Love Rival Beethoven
3. Youve Hurt Me
4. Cry Once For Me
5. Love Me Tender
6. Listening To Rain
7. Flying One Love
8. The Water is Wide
9. Dont Be Like This Ill Cry
10. Last Night
11. Saying Goodbye

If You Hear My Song
1. If You Hear My Song
2. Shout For Me 1000 Times
3. To Love
4. Front Page Rockn Roll
5. Stand By Me
6. It’s You
7. As Long As I Have You
8. Hard To Grab Love
9. Better Off Alone

Missing You
1. Disappear In the Wind
2. Far From Heart Breaking
3. Missing You
4. Rain Storm
5. Memories
6. Won’t Say Any Regrets
7. Reserving Your Love
8. Eyes
9. Persistant Love
10. Noah

White Paper
1. Want To See You Every Second
2. Dont Turn On The Lights
3. When Love Is Spreading
4. Serious
5. Exile Missing
6. White Paper
7. Give Me Your Hand
8. Dream Again
9. Thinking Of Home
10. Still Snowing In April

1. Revolution
2. Frozen Dreams
3. Loving You Is Loving Me
4. One Of These Days
5. My Love Song
6. Trust
7. Whatever
8. Year 2000
9. Who Do You Think I Am?
10. Please Come Back To Me

Immpossible To Miss You
1. Fishing For Inspiration
2. Immpossible To Miss You
3. Cyring Palms
4. Julia
5. Side Effect From Love
6. Open Heart
7. Falling Wings
8. Losing You
9. Have You Been In Love
10.Happy Ending
11. Mary Says

Forever’s First Day
1. Forevers First Day
2. Descendants of the Dragon
3. Dont Be Afraid
4. The World of Wild Imagination
5. Love is a Stage
6. Loves Notebook
7. City of Pleasure
8. All I Think About Is You
9. This Is Love
10. You Can Tell Me

The One And Only
1. The One and Only
2. Simply In Love With You
3. Refusing To Promote Your Love
4. Sense of Security
5. Cant Quit You
6. Don’t Ask Anyone
7. White Fox
8. Turning Bad
9. If You Knew
10. I Want
11. Simply In Love With You (Romantic Version)
12. Better Than You

1. Ya Birthday
2. You Are Not Here
3. Love Love Love
4. Girlfriend
5. Who Are You Thinking Of At This Moment?
6. Unbelievable Radio
7. You and Me
8. What Was I Thinking
9. Not Your Average Thug
10. Mile High
11. Can You Feel My World?
12. Love Is All Around

1. Release Your Heart
2. The Hearts Sun and Moon/ShangriLa
3. Bamboo Forest
4. Forever Love
5. In a Faraway Place
6. A Simple Song
7. Astrology
8. Come Here
9. Wrong Love
10 Follow Me

Heroes of the Earth
1. Beside the Plum Blossom
2. Mistake Made In the Flower Field
3. Heroes of the Earth
4. Kiss Goodbye
5. The Perfect Interaction
6. Big City, Small Love
7. The First Morning
8. Brothers
9. Get Out of the Way
10. Love On My Mind

Change Me
1. Intro
2. Change Me
3. Falling Leaf Returns to Roots
4. Composing PreThoughts
5. Our Song
6. You Are the Song In My heart
7. Where is Love?
8. Cockney Girl
9. Incomplete Melody
10. Loves Encouragment
11. Hail to the Chinese
12. Saturday Night

Heart Beat
1. Dirty Love
2. Heart Beat
3. The Sun After Washed by Spring Rain
4. Everything
5. No Reason to Pay Attention to You
6. Another Rain
7. Puppet
8. Screenplay
9. Competitor
10. What’s Wrong With Rock!!

The 18 Martial Arts
1. Dragon Dance
2. Do U Me
3. The 18 Martial Arts
4. All The Things You Never Knew
5. BoYa Cuts The Strings (Love In Disguise theme)
6. Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea
7. Beautiful
8. Need Someone By Your Side
9. End Of The Earth
10. All The Thing You Never Knew (Xiao Qing version)
11. One Of Us

Open Fire
1. Open Fire
2. Still In Love With You

Japanese Albums

The Only One
1. The Only One
2. Last Night
3. Like a Gunshot
4. Crying Palms
5. Light Of My Life
6. China White
7. Dont Be Afraid
8. The One I Love Is You
9. Mary Says
10. Julia
11. Loving You Is Loving Me
12. Impossible To Miss You
13. As Long as I Have You
14. The One and Only

Hear My Voice
1. I Cant Stop Loving You
2. Miracle of Love
3. This Could Be Love
4. Dream Again
5. Dont be Scared
6. Forevers First Day
7. Singles Game (Monologue)
8. Hear My Voice
9. Two People Dont Equal Us
10. Flying Towards The Unknown Sky
11. Crying Palms
12. If You Heard My Song


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