LEE Hi / 이하이

LEE Hi is a newly debuted rookie singer signed to YG Entertainment.  She first caught eyes when she auditioned for the show KPOP Star and made headlines with her rendition of renowned Welsh singer Duffys Mercy“.  She made it all the way to the finales, but was runner up to her rival on the show Park Ji Min.  It was later announced that she made a contract with YG Entertainment and would become a member of the yet to debut girl group SuPearls alongside fellow KPOP Star Contestant Lee Michelle who also signed with YG.  Though she is only 15, LEE Hi has made a name for herself for her unique singing voice, because unlike most female singers who prefer to sing high notes, LEE Hi can sing low notes in her own beautiful way.

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One thought on “LEE Hi / 이하이

  1. Lee Hi is a fantastic young singer. In addition to her new hits (1,2,3,4 and Scarecrow), I’ve really enjoyed her singing of “For You” and her very different version of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” I look forward to her future songs.

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