LEDApple is a six member idol band signed to Startory Entertainment The group first debuted in 2010 and gathered much attention since they are not like most KPOP bands.  Not only do they play instruments, but they also have dance routines like idol groups, and are more of an electric pop rock band than just rock. LEDApple faced many obstacles shortly after their debut with being accused of not really playing their instruments, and being suspected of plagiarizing CN Blues Love with their song How Dare You“.  The band has managed to withstand the accusations and even posted a YouTube video of them practising and stating to their antis thatHaters, yes, we are a band We arent holding these instruments just for show. They have released several mini albums and singles and have changed several members, but never the less have still managed to gain popularity and have made a name for themselves in the KPOP industry for their uniqueness.

Members & Profiles
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