Kenji Wu

Kenji Wu is a singer/songwriter in China signed to Virgin Records He first debuted in 2000 with his album Tomorrow, Alone“, but didnt receive much success until 2004 with his hit song named after himself, “Wu Ke Qun.”  In the song he impersonated many famous Chinese singers such as Leehom Wang, Jay Chou, and even Emil Chau while also putting his own style into the mix.  The song received much praise from fans and critics alike and jump started his career in the music industry Kenji Wu writes and composes all his songs and has released 8 albums up to date Aside from singing he has also acted in several shows, and had the lead male role in the Chinese drama, Peach Girl.

Tomorrow, Alone
1. Tomorrow
2. Love Song
3. All The Way Not Discovered
4. Where Did You Go
5. What’s That Kind Of Attitude
6. No Declaration of Independence
7. Reply Won’t Come
8. Music Channel
9. Happy Dark Eye Circles
10. Detailed List (ft. Melody Chiang)
11. One Person, Two Persons

Kenji Wu – First Creative Album
1. Kenji Wu
2. I Just Cant Seem To Learn
3. Im Sorry
4. Fight Club
5. Be Quiet
6. Prologue
7. Dont Be Too Gentle
8. Breakup On Christmas Day
9. Reboot
10. Mister, Who Are You

The Kenji Show
1. Intro
2. Clams
3. Big Tongue
4. Im Guilty
5. Regular People
6. Week Star
7. Dont Want To Remember
8. Who
9. Big Woman
10. Mirror
11. Integer Raiders
12. Hidden Track

General’s Command
1. Champion
2. Record Of Our Arguments
3. Male Servant
4. After Tomorrow
5. Generals Command
6. Paper Person
7. Antidote
8. Disabled
9. Silent Play
10. Theatrical Genius
11. Family Name

Lao Zi Says
1. Lao Zi Says
2. Lao Zi Says (Remix)
3. Lao Zi Says (Instrumental)

MagiK                 *NOTE* New Songs Only!!
1. Loves Too Painful
2. Dont Be Silly
3. Fool
4. Na Na Na (ft. Cyndi Wang)

Poems For You
1. Poems For You
2. Hold My Hand
3. Valentines Day
4. Whats That
5. To Love More Is To Hurt More
6. I Express Myself Through Music
7. I Dont Care
8. Move
9. My Autobiography
10. Eyes Not Closed

1. Parasitism
2. Mobile World
3. To Love More, Be More Responsible
4. Hot Milk
5. Giving Up On You
6. Love Isnt Simple
7. Loves To Cry
8. I Fully Believe
9. Tumbler
10. Crazy

Love Me, Hate Me
1. Trobled Times (Prologue)
2. Love Me, Hate Me
3. Bang Bang Bang
4. It Doesnt Matter
5. What I Can Give
6. WooHoo
7. Living Inside The Heart
8. Attack (Middle Chapter)
9. Run
10. Take A Break
11. Definitely Wont Let Go
12. Broken Heart
13. Utopia (Last Chapter)
14. To Love More, Be More Responsible

Legend of Immortal
1. Legend of Immortal


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