Kan Mi Youn Discography/Lyrics


1. So What?
2. Old Woman
3. He Didnt Fall In Love With You (ft. Yachaepa)
4. Tears Draw You
5. White Snow is Falling
6. Go
7. Kiss (ft. No Hong Cheol)
8. Dont Touch
9. Please Find That Person
10. Is That All?
11. Break Up Dance
12. Old Woman (Remix)


1. Sunshine (ft. Junsu of 2PM)
2. Paparazzi (ft. Eric of Shinwa)
3. Because Im a Foolish Woman (ft. Bulletproof Boy Scouts)
4. Going Crazy (ft. Mir of MBLAQ)
5. Sunshine (Instrumental)
6. Paparazzi (Instrumental)
7. Going Crazy (Instrumental)

1. Wont Meet You
2. Please
3. Let It Snow (ft. SeoJun)
4. Wont Meet You (Instrumental)

Chinese Albums


Refreshing     NOTE: *May not be the accurate title
1. Women Want*
2. Kiss {Chinese Version}
3. Come Again*
4. Old Woman {Chinese Version}
5. So What? {Chinese Version}
6. He Didnt Fall In Love With You {Chinese Version}
7. Tears Draw You {Chinese Version}
8. White Snow is Falling {Chinese Version}
9. Go {Chinese Version}
10. Kiss Kiss {Chinese Version}
11. Dont Touch {Chinese Version}
12. Please Find That Person {Chinese Version}
13. This Is The Only*
14. Break Up Dance {Chinese Version}
15. Old Woman (Instrumental)
16. Come Again (Remix)
17. So What? (Instrumental)


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