Junsu/Xiah Discography/Lyrics


1. Sunset
2. Tarantallegra
3. Set Me Free (ft. Bizzy)
4. No Gain
5. I Dont Like Love
6. Even Though I Turn Around and Around
7. Intoxication {Korean Version}
8. Breath (ft. Double K)
9. Even Though You Already Know
10. Lullaby (ft. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)
11. Fever
12. The Tree Covered in Dew 


1. No Reason
2. Rainy Eyes
3. Sorry
4. Chocolate Girl
5. Incredible (ft. Quincy Combs)
6. I’m Confessing Now (ft. Gilmi)
7. Don’t Go
8. Turn It Up (ft. Dok2)
9. Fantasy
10. This Song Is Funny, Right? (Narration by Boom)
11. Seems Like Love
12. 11A.M.

White Lie..
My Page
Beautiful Thing
Rainy Night
I Can Soar
Too Love
You Are So Beautiful

Japanese Albums


1. Intoxication
2. Beautiful Love
3. Intoxication (Instrumental)
4. Beautiful Love (Instrumental)

Rainy Night
The Whereabouts of Sadness 


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