JPOP Color Coder WANTED!

OK. I know a lot of people have been wanting JPOP lyrics and I have to be honest: I’m not as up to date with JPOP as I use to be.  KPOP is totally taken over my life and it would be impossible for me to keep track of KPOP AND JPOP (I can hardly keep track of KPOP as it is!) When I first started the site I had planned on doing both KPOP and JPOP, but as I worked on the site my love for KPOP grew and my interest of JPOP decreased to the point where I have no idea which artist is popular anymore and who’s not.

So I would like to give out the opportunity to anyone willing to take on the role of being in charge of the JPOP part of the site.  You’ll pretty much have free reign of everything. To what artist you want to do, to lyrics, and even to the color code. I am looking for someone who..

  • Is very familiar with JPOP and keeps up with the current releases and popular singles.
  • Easy to get along with and is easy going.
  • I have a HUGE problem with getting back to people via email (Bad habit and I AM working on it!) so patience is needed.
  • And more than anything, have a love and deep passion for JPOP and ENJOY posting lyrics and working on the site.


  • You’ll have to use the same layout as the KPOP pages.
  • You need to create a WordPress account (If you are unfamiliar with using the site, don’t fret! I have a “how-to” guide on how to finagle the site and you can email for any questions.  I’ll be honest, it’s a bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it’s a breeze).
  • Whenever a popular/new artist releases a new single you’ll have to create a post to notify visitors that we have the lyrics! (Making a post with tags is also the only way for it to show up on search engines)  I usually only make posts for lyrics of an artist/group that I think people will be looking for. I’ll let you decide on who you think is worthy of a post or not.
  • Every Monday send me a list of lyrics/pages you have completed through the week so I can post them in the W.R.
  • Keep track of release dates of new albums/singles coming out so we can put a list of what’s coming up on the site (look at the “Coming Up…” on the right site on the menu bar)
  • If at any time I disagree with you or I want you to change something on your page, don’t take it personal or get mad.  Just understand that the site is my baby and I want some things a certain way.
I really don’t have any rules for the job. Except for…
  • You CANNOT copy color coded lyrics from another site.
  • And, you know…not sabotage the site.

If you are currently thinking “Hey, I could be the one for the job” I want you to first ask yourself: “Can I be committed to work on the site and make sure it’s up to date to what’s current continuously? Is there a chance that I’ll wake up one day and decided I don’t want to do this anymore?”

Still interested? Good! IF you’re positive you’re the one for the job email me at

Continue to the JPOP Artist Archive….


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