IU Discography/Lyrics


Lost And Found
1. Ugly Duckling
2. Miya
3. You Know
4. Feel So Good
5. Every Sweet Day
6. Miya (Instrumental)


Growing Up
1. To Look At
2. Boo
3. Poor Thing
4. A Dreamer
5. Every Sweet Day
6. Missing Child
7. Not Me, But Four
8. You See
9. Day of Graduation
10. Feel So Good
11. Ugly Duckling
12. To Look At (After Looking At)
13. Missing Child (Acoustic Version)
14. You See…(Rock Version)
15. Boo (Instrumental)
16. Poor Thing (Instrumental)

1. Love Attack
2. Train Ride
3. Marshmellows
4. Morning Tears
5. Two Muscle Dating
6. Train Ride (Instrumental)
7. Morning Tears (Instrumental)


1. This Is Not What I Thought
2. The Thing I Do Slowly
3. Good Day
4. The First Breakup, That Night
5. Alone in the Room
6. Merry Christmas in Advance (ft. Thunder from MBLAQ)
7. Good Day (Instrumental)

REAL+      *NOTE*New Tracks Only!
1. The Story I Didn’t Know
2. Cruel Fairy Tale
3. The Story I Didn’t Know (With Pianist Kwang Min)


Last Fantasy
1. Secret
2. The Sleeping Forest Prince (ft. Yoon Sang)
3. Star Seeking Child (ft. Kim Kwang Jin)
4. You and I
5. Wallpaper Design
6. Uncle (ft. Lee Juk)
7. Wisdom Tooth
8. Everything’s Alright (ft. Kim Hyun Chul)
9. Last Fantasy
10. Teacher (ft. Ra.D)
11. A Lost Puppy
12. 4AM
13. The Lover (Lamant)


Modern Times
1. Love of B (ft. Bak Juwon)
2. Everybody Has Secrets (ft. GaIn of Brown Eyed Girls)
3. Between the Lips (50cm)
4. The Red Shoes
5. Modern Times
6. Bad Day
7. Obliviate
8. Walk with Me, Girl (ft. Choi BaekHo)
9. Havana
10. A Gloomy Clock
11. Daydream (ft. Yang HeeEun)
12. Wait
13. Voice Mail {Korean Version}

Fifth Finger
Because I Am A Woman

I Hoppin You


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