INFINITE is a seven member boy group signed to Woollim Entertainment. The group debuted in 2010, and released several mini-albums some in which Epik High’s Tablo helped produce.  They also had their own reality show, “You Are My Oppa“, where the boy compete to be the best big brother to a little girlIn 2011, INFINITE released their first full length album and exceeded expectations when their album topped several music charts Taking 1st place away from many top arist such as miss A, MBLAQ, and Girls Day, which is a huge feat for a rookie idol group. They also won their first “1 Song” on a music show with their single “Be Mine.”  Throughout the years, INFINITE has become one of the top rookie groups in KPOP and have received praise from several groups such as SNSD and Brown Eyed Girls for their singing and dance synchronization.

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