Girl’s Day Discography/Lyrics


Girl’s Day Party #1
. Tilt My Head
4. Tilt My Head (Instrumental)
5. SHUPPY SHUPPY (Instrumental)

How Do I Look
. How Do I Look
2. How Do I Look (Instrumental)

Girl’s Day Party #2
. Nothing Lasts Forever
2. Nothing Lasts Forever (Instrumental)


Girl’s Day Party #3
1. Twinkle Twinkle
2. Twinkle Twinkle (Instrumental)

1. Young Love
2. Hug Me Once
3. Twinkle Twinkle
4. Nothing Lasts Forever
5. Hug Me Once (Instrumental)

Girl’s Day Party #4
. Dont Let Your Eyes Wander
2. Dont Let Your Eyes Wander (DJ Stereo Club Mix)


Girl’s Day Everyday II
1. Two of Us
2. Oh! My God
3. Dont Let Your Eyes Wander
4. Telepathy
5. Oh! My God (Instrumental)

Girl’s Day Party #5
1. Dont Forget Me


1. Girls Day World (Intro)
2. Expectation
3. I Dont Mind
4. Easy Go
5. Dont Trust Her
6. White Day
7. Oh, Great!
8Twinkle Twinkle
9Hug Me Once
10OhMy God
11Dont Forget Me
12Dont Let Your Eyes Wander
13. Expectation (Instrumental)
14. White Day (Instrumental)

Female President        *NOTE: New Tracks Only!
2. Female President


Girl’s Day Everyday III
1. G.D.P (Intro)
2. Something
3. Whistle
4. Show You
5. Something (Instrumental)

Cupid (Acoustic Version)

6 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Discography/Lyrics

  1. I like girl’s day song don’t forget me Oh! my good cupid twinkle twinkle telepathy nothing lasts forever hug me once . And more i love girl’s day .


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