G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-Yong) is a singer signed under YG Entertainment and is a member and leader of the legendary boy group BIGBANG. He first started his music career at the age of 8 as a member of the kid group Little Roora.  He became a trainee under SM Entertainment for 5 years, but later left because he was unsure in what he wanted to do in life. His interested in rapping and music later blossomed when listening to American rap group Wu-Tang Clan, and he started taking rapping classes and writing his own music.  He quickly caught the eye of Sean of Jinusean and YG himself and became a member of YG Entertainment.  He then debuted in 2006 with the rest of the BIGBANG members.  He composes a majority of the groups songs and has been labeled as a musical genius, a fashionista, and one of the most talented KPOP rappers and producers in KPOP.

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6 thoughts on “G-Dragon

  1. Secret says:

    I really like the song What do you want?
    it’s so cute. i really like the tune :D it’s unique!

  2. Gdragonisme says:

    I really love him so so so much!!
    and his songs make me crazy uhh killing me!! my future husband :D

  3. Bapfan23 says:

    G dragon omg he has that baby face I love it favorite singer I seen crayon yah get your crayon,

  4. Daehyun's Kitty says:

    One Of a Kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 4J_Always says:

    oppa , u re the amazing rapper ever .. i love all ur songs .. u re the BEST !

  6. Jessica Chang Pui Yee says:

    I LOVE GDragon Forever and ever!!!😍💖

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