G.E.M Tang

Gloria Tang (more commonly known as her stage name, GEM Tang {Get. Everybody. Moving}) is a singer/song writer signed to Hummingbird Entertainment In her debut year, she won many big awards for her EP album and even won the New Female Singer Award.”  Making her the youngest performer to recieve the award She as been called nicknames like Girl With Giant Lungs because of her  B♭3-E7 vocal range.

1. Waiting for the One
2. Where Did You Go?
3. The Hourglass of Memories
4. Love the Present Me
5. Sleeping Beauty

18 Plus
1. All About You
2. Game Over
3. Gotta Say It
4. A.I.N.Y.
5. Mascara
6. I Don’t Know Love
7. Seine
8. Italian Love
9. G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving)
10. 18
11. Where Did You Go 2.0 (Sam Vahdat Remix)
12. Mascara (Glossy Version)
13. Drinking, Smoking & Swearing (18 Plus 3rd Edition Bonus Track)

My Secret
1. One Button
2. Good to be Bad
3. Get Over You
4. In My Heart
5. The Rose
6. The Voice Within
7. My Secret
8. The End
9. Twinkle II
10. Say it Loud


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