F.T. Island

F.T. Island is a South Korean rock band signed to FNC Music.  The group first appeared on M.nets Wanna Be Your Boyfriend where the boys were sold to be girls dream boyfriends.  Within 10 minutes of the show, over 100 girls posted their pictures on M.nets site to be F.T. Islands girlfriendSoon after, the group released their debut album “Cheerful Sensibility,” which became the #6 best selling album of the year 2007 From then on the group released many singles and albums in Korean and Japan and became a huge hit in both countriesTheir name stands for Five Treasure Island which means that all five members are a treasure to the group.

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11 thoughts on “F.T. Island

  1. I could probably help you fill in some of these lyrics. 😛 I know their voices pretty well. ^^ And almost all of the songs are on my laptop. xD

  2. I know for sure I know who sings when on After Love, Girls Don’t Know, Bad Woman, Missing You, I Hope, I Hope Ver 2, Love Love Love, Like The Birds, Raining, Itsuka, and Yume. I’m pretty sure I know Until You Return, I Confess, Promise, and As Ever/Still. If you need help, let me know and I’ll see how many I can get done ^^

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