EXO is a 12 member rookie boy group signed to SM EntertainmentThe group is cut in half into two groups with one group promoting in Korea (EXOK) and the other promoting in China (EXOM).  Over a span of three months SM released over twenty teasers vids and released two prologue songs to showcase the boys singing and dancing abilities. In April 2012, the boys finally debuted with their singleMAMAand released their first mini-album with the same name.  Though the boys have just debuted, both groups have been in the top 10 in several KPOP/CPOP charts.

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30 thoughts on “EXO

  1. ladies code says:

    I completely learned something new about Korean music today.
    It’s pretty awesome to see how the Korean pop industry can be so widespread and venturing off to
    other sections other than music. It’s so weird to see these people start off
    as just Korean music rookies and seeing them reach this point.
    Totally amazed.

  2. Janelle Pare says:

    What is their official color and fandom name?

  3. Farhany says:

    Is Kris really want to leave EXO?
    I can’t wonder if that really happened.Hard to explain.

    • maybe kris don’t want to just because of the lawsuit accident and now he just promoting a new mini album of him and a new drama maybe exo-m kris hyung is happy now but maybe he really miss exo memebrs even his fans SM entertainment said that there will be a new member that is youngest of them all and talest off them all some exostans says that it is good because exo-m will b have a 6 members again but the other said that they want kris to be back again in exo

      • Kpopper4life says:

        No he only left caz he’s chinese and he didn’t think that Chinese people didn’t have the same rights as the Koreans

  4. Dizzy.j says:

    fuck sm town -_-

  5. kris lovers says:

    fuck you sm i am gonna kill you fuck . son of the bitch

  6. Dahilia says:


  7. chaimaa says:

    Hi iwante say that i am girl in love with Oh Se Hoon (EXO-K)
    So mutcH anD i wisH tHat He can ReeD my mSg and i love all exo

  8. Exo, this is the First KPOP Boy Band that i love. I am a Exostan and i Love Chanyeol. <3

  9. roj tantano says:

    anyeong haseyo,i really love exo and im now learning koraen because of my love for exo and i badly wanna see them all exo is my inspirition

  10. roj tantano says:

    anyeong haseyo i really like exo ,and now im learning korean because of my love for them , you are my inspiration exo

  11. black_death says:

    before i was a HATER of this boy group but then things turned out different today :) my day is not complete without me listening to their music im a EXOSTAN now

  12. hello! :) i am exostan or may i say exo-l i love exo very much and i hate the haters and basher of exo i will support exo until the end hhahha lol :)

  13. Diane reyze says:

    E——————X—————-O = Pls. Make Luhan Stay!!!!!!!!!and kris too because they are”ONE”.

  14. 鹿晗哥哥你离开了SM公事但我身为粉丝我会续继支持你! 加油!! 我永远支持你鹿晗哥哥!!!永远爱你的粉丝!!!

  15. iPadila says:

    Tao-Yah! Sarangheayo! :)

  16. Kpopcrazy says:

    Kai,Sehun, and luhan I luv u

  17. I love EXO..Saranghae…KAmsahamnida..

  18. Kpopper4life says:

    I luv u Xiumin

  19. Deshani says:

    Wawww Exo!!!!! Saranghae……

  20. Deshani says:

    I LUV Exo all members…Their voice are very amazing…..
    Naneun dangsin- eul neomu saranghaeyo……

  21. suraya_anis says:

    D.O forever ….oppa , saranghaeyo !

  22. shania says:

    i love luhan the most

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