EXO is a 12 member rookie boy group signed to SM EntertainmentThe group is cut in half into two groups with one group promoting in Korea (EXOK) and the other promoting in China (EXOM).  Over a span of three months SM released over twenty teasers vids and released two prologue songs to showcase the boys singing and dancing abilities. In April 2012, the boys finally debuted with their singleMAMAand released their first mini-album with the same name.  Though the boys have just debuted, both groups have been in the top 10 in several KPOP/CPOP charts.

Members & Profiles

34 thoughts on “EXO

  1. I completely learned something new about Korean music today.
    It’s pretty awesome to see how the Korean pop industry can be so widespread and venturing off to
    other sections other than music. It’s so weird to see these people start off
    as just Korean music rookies and seeing them reach this point.
    Totally amazed.

    • maybe kris don’t want to just because of the lawsuit accident and now he just promoting a new mini album of him and a new drama maybe exo-m kris hyung is happy now but maybe he really miss exo memebrs even his fans SM entertainment said that there will be a new member that is youngest of them all and talest off them all some exostans says that it is good because exo-m will b have a 6 members again but the other said that they want kris to be back again in exo

      • No he only left caz he’s chinese and he didn’t think that Chinese people didn’t have the same rights as the Koreans

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