Davichi Discography/Lyrics


. I Love You Even Though I Hate You

2. Putting On Lipstick
3. The Bad Me Who Is Hurt
4. Sad Promise
5. Old Love
6. A Sad Love Song
7. Starry Night
8. Is That How It Is?
9. Barely Barely
10. The Opposite Of Break Up

Amaranth Repackage (Vivid Summer Edition)  *NOTE* New Tracks Only!!
1. Water Bottle
2. Love and War (ft. HaHa)
3. Sad Promise (Remix)
12. The Opposite Of Break Up


Davichi In Wonderland
1. 8282
2. I Made A Mistake
3. My Man
4. Is Love That Foolish?
5. Orgel
6. Crazy Woman (Seeya)

Women’s Generation / Forever Love (Seeya & Davichi & T-ARA)
1. Forever Love
2. Women‘s Generation


1. Time, Please Stop
2. First Kiss
3. Dont Leave
4. Can‘t Love, Can‘t End
5. Shadow


Love Delight
1. Don’t Say Goodbye
2. Love, My Love
3. Dont Find Me Again
5. Secret
6. Don’t Say Goodbye (Instrumental)

Time Difference
A Thousand Longings
Blue Moon
Crazy Woman
Read Bean I (Lee Hae Ri solo)
Going To The Hospital (Kang MinKyung solo)
Happy Together (Kang MinKyung & V.O.Ss Park Ji Hyun)
Can We Love Again (4MEN & Davichi)


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