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  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that one of your color coded k-pop lyrics is wrong. In Block B’s Wanna B:
    “Gwangaekdeurui keun hamseong ([Kyung] Eodiro)
    Paendeurui gohamdo ([Kyung] Yeogiro)”

    Yeogiro is actually said by Zico, not Kyung.

    You can tell in this video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w43Lc_2fRZg&feature=related

    Lol, it’s not a big deal, but since that’s my favourite line in the song I just happened to notice (yeah random part to like, I know XD).

    Other than that, thank you for posting lyrics! Sometimes I find it really difficult to tell Kyung and Zico’s voices apart so your lyrics have been very helpful for my Block B obsession, haha.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh sorry, I should’ve left this on the Wanna B page. Feel free to delete the above comment!

    • lightaheadi says:

      Haha no prob!
      Good catch! Silly of me that I didn’t hear that. Thank you very much!
      Really? I’m glad that you enjoy them :) Thank you for saying so!

  3. Kim Jin Yuu says:

    hey it*ze me MARIO! no way :D joke.. still remember me? :D:D can you do me a favor? do you have beast – fiction lyric in japanese?

  4. i love ur blog, i love kpop too ^^
    mind to check mine

  5. JiEun says:

    hey your wordpress is great! and i’m just curious, are you from korean? :D

    • lightaheadi says:

      Haha thank you! And as much as I wish I was Korean, I’m not. I’m American. Gonna live there someday though!

  6. I saw that you needed Red Roc’s romaji lyrics. I tried to find it online too, but I couldn’t. Soo I made one for you :D I romanized it from the Korean lyrics from music.naver. The lyrics are not exactly on par with the original Korean lyrics for pronunciation sakes and stuff. I also did the written color coding. If you still need it, you’re most welcome to use it.

    • lightaheadi says:

      …I honestly am at a loss of words. This is so incredibly nice of you to do that! Thank you SO-SO much!

      • You’re very welcome. It’s absolutely no problem at all, although I did have a problem willing my mind to correspond to the right keyboard. I can type the Korean keyboard too so when romanizing the words…my words keep going to where the korean letter is. Like a ‘s’ in English is a ‘n’ in korean. I can’t multi-task D: It must be hard running this awesome website by yourself. I would have done the other lyrics too but…I suck at recognizing the singers in songs….Even when I think I got the singer’s voice down, another voice seems similar… =_____= Oh Korean people with your similar voices…XD If you need the help, I could help you find [or make] romanization or try to get the right color coding (it might be a disaster xP). I’m more than happy to help so feel free to contact me through twitter~

      • ajara says:

        hello how are you to day

  7. sarangheayo were ever you go.please don’t forget me okey.
    gamsahamidah for send comments.


  9. uyu_363 says:

    I sent you some lyrics on your e-mail and so far you didn’t reply or put them up yet. I mean I don’t really mind, I just want to know if you got them or not.

    • lightaheadi says:

      I have gotten them. College has just be so crazy I have only had time to do new releases. But I’ll try to get on them in the next couple of days.

  10. brownsteps says:

    JUST EMAIL ME AT brownsteps@gmail.com
    thanks..or reply me to this msg…

  11. hebaek says:

    I’m actually not entirely sure how to look at the lyrics you posted. I was looking for Younha’s ‘My Song And…” (Korean Version) and I found it but I wasn’t able to open up the lyrics. Is there a way to access the lyrics or am I just missing something?

  12. panerai 40mm says:

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  13. quinnee ji young says:

    hi thanks !!!!!! lovelots to this now i already know what i want to know :) <3

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