CN Blue

CN Blue (Code Name Blue) is a 4 member indie rock group signed to F&C MusicThey began performing in Japan at clubs and on the streets until they offically debuted in 2009Later they debuted in Korea in 2010, and won their first #1 Spot on Music BankTheir style is similar to FT Island, hence their nickname The 2nd FT Island.”  They have recently released their first full length album, “First Step“, and have alreadly received huge successNot only did they have nearly 10,000 preorder sales, but their single Intuition became an AllKill song.

Members & Profiles

One thought on “CN Blue

  1. Love them all, especially Jungshin Oppa ❤
    Maybe I can add a few fun facts (because I'm a true Boice and I want to help a little :3)

    For Yong-Hwa:
    – Whenever he feels down, he listens to "One Time" by CNBLUE
    – His favorite artist is Bon Jovi

    For Jung-Shin:
    – He doesn't like talkactive and loud girls
    – Orders non-sense items through the internet sometimes and then sends them back. Jong-Hyun reliefs that.
    – Talks very much (When they were in Japan he talked and talked so Jonghyun couldn't sleep)
    – Often stands in front of the mirror asking himself "How could you be this ugly?" (It's sad. He's such a pretty boy. :c)
    – Shares room with Min-Hyuk
    – likes star pattern (just like Yong-Hwa)
    – When they're buying clothes, the members usually tell Yong-Hwa that his new stuff is amazing, but to Jung-Shin they say they would bring it back to the shop if they were him. (Lol. poor Jung-Shin.)
    – used to wear braces when he was younger
    – I think he's friends with FT Island's Jae-Jin (but all CNBLUE members are friends with FT Island. Just thinking Jae-Jin + Jung-Shin is something special, like Min-Hyuk + Min-Hwan.) (And weeeeell maybe I'm the only one who's thinking that except for my best friend, but Jae-Jin x Jung-Shin is REALLY cute. xD)

    For Min-Hyuk:
    – Good friends with Min-Hwan from FT Island because they share same interests
    – Wonder Girl's Ye-Eun was his schoolmate, that's why he wants to be close with them

    For Jong-Hyun:
    – he composes "lie" in a waiting room for a show (I'm not sure if it was variety show or music show) (lol that's amazing)

    OK, enough, maybe I'll post another comment. Weeeeeeeell Jung-Shin is mine, forever. I'm married to him in my dreams, k? -watchin u-

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