Chocolat is a five member girl idol group signed to Paramount MusicThe group trained for two and a half years, 12 hours a day, and released their first single Syndromein late 2011 They are Koreas first biracial music group, with three members that are half Korean and half Caucasian while the other two are Korean AfterSyndrome promotions, Chocolate released their first mini album with only four members due to leader Jaeyoon having health problems Their name is French for Chocolate and signifys that like the candy chocolate, Chocolat is a group that has a variety of flavors and charms.

Members & Profiles

One thought on “Chocolat

  1. hello!
    can you do lyrics for Chocolat’s songs:
    1. One More Day (Same Thing to Her)
    2. No No (World Domination)
    3. In a Heartbeat
    4. I Like It (English Ver.)

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