Busker Busker Discography & Lyrics


Busker Busker: The First Album
1. Spring Wind
2. First Love
3. Remaining Night Sea
4. Cherry Blossom Ending
5. Ideal Type
6. Loneliness Amplifier
7. The Alley
8. Entrance Of The Alley
9Calling You
10The Flower

Finish Up
1. Its Hard to Face You
2. Neon Sign
3. Showers
4. If You Really Love Me
5. Please Wait


Busker Busker: The Second Album
1. Autumn Night
2. Too Much Regret
3. Love Is Timing 
4Love, At First 
5Cool Girl s
6Your Lip (ft. Chae JiYeon)
7. Juliet
8. Beautiful Age


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