Brian Joo Discography/Lyrics


The Brian
1. Living One Year in Winter
2. Dont Go
3. First Date
4. Because I Dont Love You
5. Becoming Similar
6. Do Not
7. Gentleman
8. Black Tear
9. Into the Tears
10. I Want! I Want! (ft. Trepass)
11. All I Know
12. I Want! I Want! (Remix)


1. Dreaming
2. My Girl (ft. Supreme Team)
3. One Step
4. Erase
5. Tell Me Baby (ft. Day Day of Dalmatian)
6. Lock Me Up
7. Bullet
8. Move It
9. A Friends Girl I Loved (ft. Tablo and Mithra Jin of Epik High)
10. Tears Run Dry
11. Do It {English Version ofMove It“}
12. Tears Run Dry {English Version}
13. Bullet {English Version}


1. Domino
2. Loved, Its Now Over
3. I Wish I Had a Date
4. 24
5. Song 4 U
6. Domino {English}
7. Loved, Its Now Over {English Version}
8. Loved, Its Now Over (Instrumental)
9. Shine [Bonus Track]


ReBorn Part 1
1. Let This Die
2. Cant Stop (ft. Jay Park and Dumbfoundead)
3. Dont Tell Me I’m Wrong (ft. Jade Valerie)
4. Let This Die {English Version}
5. Cant Stop (ft. Jay Park and Dumbfoundead) {English Version}
6. DominoAcoustic– {English Version}

In My Head {Korean Version of Jason DerulosIn My Head“)


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