Bored?(Things To Check Out)

Here are some things I found to keep me entertained throughout the day


One of the best website to keep up to date on whats going on in the Kpop World.

The One Shots
A fun site where a group of KPOP fans post the newest happenings in the idol world and random articles all the while sharing their tasteful and hilarious opinions.

If you’re looking for a Korean show to watch with English subs they probably have it.  Or if your just looking for a show with your favorite Kpop Idol group just search it on the website and they will give you all the episodes they feature on.
Not only does this website keep you up to date with the Political happenings in Korea, but they also have an online radio that plays Kpop songs and have different MC’s every half hour that speak several languages.
If you’re trying to learn which member in who in a Kpop Idol group, this is one of the best resources to use. He/She will take pictures from MV’s and tell you who is who in the video.

Kpop Coverers to ReMixers

Matt Slade
This guy will take two completely different songs and mash them up and you’ll think “This is going to sound absolutely terrible” and after you listen to it you’ll go “Holy poop that sounds AMAZING!” His work ranges from JPop songs to Kpop to the top songs in America.

If you haven’t been interested in any of the sites I’ve posted yet, then this is the one you NEED to click.  This guy is a Brazilian DJ that mixes and mashes up KPop songs.  He’ll do mashups with about 60 songs!  Seriously, if God was a DJ then this would be the result.  His talents are unbelievable.

One of my favorite female Kpop Coverers.  She does both Jpop and Kpop songs in high quality and the end result sounds fabulous.  She has done almost all 2NE1 songs and some people have said that if Park Bom was singing in English, then it would sound like this! (NOTE: Her official YouTube channel has been deleted and she is currently on “hiatus.” (I guess?)  Its a LONG story so you’ll have to Google it if you are interested in her because the explanation is too long and complicated to post here.)

Ashlia & JD Relic
One of the best Kpop Coverers you will find on YouTube.  This married couple will take KPOP songs and cover them…in English!  Some of their covers have reached over 1 million views (Something that is hard to achieve for coverers) and the quality they produce in is something you think is official.  Which is because JD has his very on recording studio and he actually works for a Korean Music Company.  He was the producer of Baek Ji Young’s “Bad Girl” and UKISS’s “NEVERLAND” and “Tick Tack”

Sungha Jung
You might recognize this guys name.  He is very well-known around Korea for his Godlike guitar talents.  He covers songs like Yiruma’s “River Flows In You and SNSD’s “Hoot.”  He was also the guitarist in Narsha (from B.E.G) song “I’m In Love.”

Another remixer who songs I’ve found I like better than the original.  He has several mash ups with  KPOP song and American song, and the end result is fantastic! (I defiantly recommend his remix of Shontelle’s “T-Shirt” with SHINee’s “Replay.”)

They are a brother and sister duo group trying to make their name in America. But in their spare time…they make KPOP English covers! They haven’t done a lot yet, but the ones they have done (BEAST/B2ST’s “Shock”, Se7EN’s “Better Together”, and 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody”) will impress you with its professional quality and jaw dropping vocals.


Like I said in my previous post, this is a married couple shareing their adventures in South Korea.  They also have specials like KpopMusicMondays, Wonderful Treasure Find (They share you…erm..interesting Korean products), and more.

Musical Dialect
After reading her spectacular review over Sunny Hill’s “Pray”, I found myself going back to her website multiple times for her MV and album reviews.  The creater and blogger of “Musical Dialect”, Rachel, posts extremely detailed and intresting reviews that make you think wider and deeper than you ever though possible.

Ever wanted to learn the dance routine to your favorite KPOP song, but couldn’t find any tutorials or slow enough videos to learn? Look no further! xAmoled has what you want.  She uploads the tutorial that her friend makes and posts them on YouTube.  Some songs she has done include “Mona Lisa” by MBLAQ, “Roly Poly” by T-ARA, “Gee” by SNSD, and even “Tonight” by BIGBANG. (She also has a second channel, NeiMindfreak)

Bored of the original CD covers of you favorite KPOP songs? Want something new to brighten up your song list? K-pop-CD-Cover is a group Deviants on Deviant Art who create various and amazing KPOP CD covers. Cover World Mania is also another spot to check out album covers.


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  1. I think you should remove Kshownow they steal other peoples subs and make money of it. If you need a different site there is Daebaksubs.

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