Block B Discography/Lyrics


do you wanna B?
1. Wanna B
2. Dont Move/Freeze!
3. Is It Just Me?

New Kids on the Block
1. Halo
2. Tell Them
3. U Hoo Hoo
4. Wanna B
5. Dont Move!/Freeze! (Edited Version)
6. Is It Just Me

Welcome to the Block
2. I Go Crazy/NanrinA
3. Did You or Did You Not
4. Synchronization 100%
5. Action
6. I Go Crazy/NanliA (Instrumental)


Welcome to the Block (Repackage)    NOTE: New Tracks Only!
1Ill Close My Eyes
2. Action (Remix)
9. Ill Close My Eyes (Instrumental)
10. Action (Remix) (Instrumental)

1. 11:30
2. Interlude
4. Mental Breaker
5. No Joke
6. Movies Over
7. Where Are You? (Taeil solo)
8. Romantically
Did You or Did You Not
11. Nilily Mambo
12. NILLILI MAMBO (Instrumental)
13. Mental Breaker (Instrumental)


Very Good
1. Very Good
2. Be The Light
3. Where When How (Kyung ft. Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa)
4. Nice Day
5. Very Good (Instrumental)

Mix Tapes
It’s Not Over (Zico, Kyung, UKwon, Hanhae, and Mino) {cover of Miss $sOver}
Wake Me Up (Zico solo)
Attenti0n (Zico solo)
If I Ain’t Got (Zico solo)
Dead President (Zico solo)
I’m Still Fly (Zico solo) {Cover of DrakeIm Still Fly“)
Billionare (Zico ft. Hanhae)
4 My Town (Zico ft. Mino)
Energizer (Kyung solo)
Hot Track (Kyung solo)
Harmonics/The Letter (Zico & Kyung ft. Elin)
Turn Around (Zico & Kyung)
Strong (Kyung & P.O)

Burn Out


14 thoughts on “Block B Discography/Lyrics

  1. I see that you mixed up who sang Harmonics (which was actually called the letter. Yeah, before Zico & Kyung were called “Harmonics.”) and Turn Around. So it’s:
    The Letter (Zico & Kyung ft. Elin)
    Turn Around (Zico & Kyung)

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