BEAST is a six member boy group signed to Cube Entertainment and is one of the most popular boy groups in South Korea Their name was originally B2ST (Boys to Search for Top), but was later changed to BEAST (Boys of the EAst Standing Tall).  The group has gained enormous popularity with their amazing vocal range and perfect live performances and were the only rookie group to sell over 100,00 albums in the year of 2010thus winning the ‘Best Korean Rookies Group of 2010.’  In 2011 BEAST/B2ST released their first full album that immediatly took over music charts and won them their first Daesung and Bonsang awards.

-Members & Profiles

14 thoughts on “BEAST/B2ST

  1. Kikwang and Hyunseung are the best!!!! Also the sexiest!!!!!! Especially Kikwang!!!!!!!!! Love you Kikwang!!!!!! 😉 P.S please put on the profiles before I freak!!!!!!

  2. 나는 비스트 오빠를 사랑.. 내가 오빠 짐승 다시 말레이시아에 올 수 있기를 바랍니다 .. 난 항상 야수 오빠 만나고 싶어

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