B.A.P Discography/Lyrics



1. Burn It Up (Intro)
3. Unbreakable
4Secret Love (ftJiEun of Secret)

1. Fight For Freedom
2. Power
3. What the Hell
4. All Lies

No Mercy
1. Goodbye
2. No Mercy
3. Voicemail
4. Dancing in the Rain
5What My Heart Tells Me To Do

Crash     *NOTE: New Tracks!!
1. Crash
2. I Remember (Bang Yong Guk ft. Daehyun)

Stop It
1. Yes Sir
2. Stop It
3. Happy Birthday


One Shot
1. Punch
2. One Shot
3. Rain Sound
4. Coma
5. 0 (Zero)

Coffee Shop
1. Coffee Shop

1. Hurricane

1. Whuts Poppin
2. Badman
3. Excuse Me
4Coffee Shop
5. Bow Wow


21 thoughts on “B.A.P Discography/Lyrics

  1. i think their 1st album is better than the 2nd…..but i really love their POWER mv!!!!they change their hair colour already….huhu…i miss my BLONDIES!!only youngjae still blonde…yongguk dyed purple…himchan dyed black…daehyun dyed light brown…jongup dyed dark brown…zelo dyed pink…still looking good though..=^w^=

    • Thank you for saying that^^ but I wish that were true. I do make mistake but it’s really inevitable. Speaking of which, there have been some corrections on “What The Hell” so be sure to look at it.
      I’ll get to work on it! Thank you for your comment. Made my day<3

  2. I hope B.A.P will win the rookies award because there is non-stop schedule after their debut in January. B.A.P FIGHTING !!! BABYS ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU !!!


  3. hye i like warrior and power song…i miss yongguk white hair really miss but i still like him especially yongguk,zelo and daehyun

  4. hye can you do yes sir lyrics because i like this song and only you i trust to do lyrics i hope you can do yes sir lyrics fighting!!!

  5. can you please make lyrics for all the songs on the one shot album?

    some other sites have the lyrics but they dont have them colr coded

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