Bangtan Boys


Bangtan Boys (aka BTS or Bulletproof Boy Scouts) is a 7 membered hip hope group signed to Big Hit Entertainment.  The group originally was suppose to debut back in 2010, but several of the members left leaving only Rap Monster.  New members were added, and as trainees the member were featured in several label mates promotion activities such as JHope rapping for JoKwonsAnimal and the other members featured in his MV for Im Da One” . The boys finally debuted in 2013 with their song No More Dream and have gained attention with their amazing rapping skills and charisma.


36 thoughts on “Bangtan Boys

  1. Oppas and dongsaengs, I fell for you already. :”””””””>>>>>>>

    to RapMon oppa :””””>
    to Jin oppa :”””””>
    & to Jungkook dongsaeng :””””>

    Saranghaeyo :*

      • I think you mean ultimate bias…. It means out of all the KPOP groups, that is your bias. There are also bias wreckers, those are the boys that you don’t pay a lot of attention to or just don’t like as much as your bias, then one day while watching a MV or looking at a blog dedicated to them (or something else that they seem especially attractive in), you suddenly feel like they could be your ultimate bias.

        My ultimate bias is obviously Taehyung, and my bias wreckers are Yoongi (from Save Me (the MV) and Kookie (bc he’s the Golden Maknae, duh).

  2. my bias is kim tae hyung.protect yourself alien!!!!!!don”t crazy anymore.dont hurt kookie are my joker.okey good luck alien oppa.always smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rapmon you translate my comment to my alien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ceh like a rieal>>>>>>

  3. Heeeeey!! I love all yoursongs it makes my day complete, listening to your songs makes me very happy . I love you all 💕💕😁😁
    BTS is my inspiration, I hope I can see you all but I know it’s impossible its really hard to reach all of you. But I’m happy that B.T.S. can make me smile every single day☺️☺️

  4. BTS boys…your group is my favourite group and yeah also my dance inspiration .
    Jungkook always keep on smiling it really suits your personality. As per me Iove all the BTS member……..LOVE YOU ALL.
    I wish i could see all of you performing in reality…hea in our small country “Bhutan” but i knowits not possible but even than i would never lose my expectations on you guysss……
    Keep moving….

    • Rap Mon sorry…;-)forgot to mention about you V and Jimin…..
      Rap Monster you r my favourite korean rapper and yeah u look really cool n handsome in white dress….
      V…I like the way u use ua lip n tongue while dancing….n u r really cute n handsome..
      Jimin….you reallygot a nice personality that suit ua image….We both have 1similarity that is when the music starts we both start dancing no matter where we are…..u really look awesome when you wear hat…..
      LOVE YOU BTS…<3<3<3<3

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