Bang Yong Guk Discography/Lyrics



I Remember
1. I Remember (ft. YoSeob of BEAST/B2ST)

Bang & Zelo Never Give Up (ft. Heritage)
Song Ji Eun – Going Crazy (ft. Bang Yong Guk)

Jepp Blackman

NOTE: These are songs that Bang Yong Guk was apart of when he was an under ground rapper and a member of Soul Connection under the name “Jepp Blackman”.

CSP  Digs Up and Floats (ft. Jepp Blackman and Lil Cheezy)
Libra Twins Goodbye Ma Lady (ft. Jepp Blackman)
Jepp Blackman Just A Friend
Jepp Blackman Last One
Jepp Blackman What You Want
Blackout Always (Jepp Blackman and Maslo)
Blackout Traces (Jepp Blackman and Maslo ft. CSP)
Blackout Blackout (Jepp Blackman and Maslo)
Blackout  Not Once (Jepp Blackman and Maslo ft. Seonah)*
Blackout Liquor (Jepp Blackman and Maslo)
Maslo Cherry Flower (ft. Jepp Blackman)
Maslo Distance (ft. Jepp Blackman)
Maslo Dissatisfaction (ft. Jepp Blackman and Still PM)
Slake Please Marry Me! (ft. CSP, Jepp Blackman, and Kuan)
Soul Connection Hey Ma‘ (CSP, Still PM, Maslo, and Jepp Blackman ft. Kuan)
Soul Connection Im Ballin‘ (Jepp Blackman and DJ Tiz)
Soul Connection Respect (CSP, Maslo, Jepp Blackman, Still PM, and DJ Tiz)
Soul Connection   SC vs SC
Soul Connection Rise the Lord (ft. RiLord and Jepp Blackman)
Soul Conncection Happy Christmas (ft. CSP, Still PM, Maslo, Jepp Blackman, and Kuan)
Soul Connection White Night (ft. Jepp Blackman, Rhymics, De Ssang, Key Real, and DJ Tiz)
Untouchable Im a Balla‘ (ft. Jepp Blackman, Marvel J, Hwayoung, and Broken Lips)


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